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3 Uncomplicated & Cultivated Products

UNCOMPLICATED & CULTIVATED | Even for a beauty obsessed editor like me, grooming can be a chore. These easy products make primping a breeze.

  1. Using tweezers most certainly feels like a job because I feel as if my tweezing skills are never quite perfect. It feels like a lot of tweezers poke, stab and aren’t precise. What I dislike the most is our throw-away society. Some products should be made with long-lasting quality. Enter World’s Best Tweezers by Regine. Without exaggeration, I can firmly confirm that this is the best tweezer I have ever tried. Using it was a pleasure and I won’t be as scared to tweeze anymore. I am not surprised. Regine has a long history in entrepreneurship and innovation. Developing quality products in various fields is their tradition. This tool is hand-crafted, Swiss made and a keeper!
  2.  Luna Nectar won me over by being natural, vegan and organic. The eyebrow and eyelash elixir is heavenly, it really lives up to its lovely name. Combing science with old and proven results of Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs, Luna Nectar’s creation is just what green beauty lovers need. It easily works it’s magic by locking moisture at the follicle. The texture is light and not sticky. Personally, I don’t like to fuss around with fake eyelashes or perfect eyebrows – a simple tweeze and brush is okay with me. This product is perfect for those looking for naturally beautiful eyebrows and lashes. Let them stand out on their own.
  3. Although I am never one to brag, I do admit one thing. I was blessed with long eyelashes. It is one of my stand-out features and causes people to ask me if they are fake. They are most certainly real. My idea of being perfectly groomed is a no-makeup makeup look, however going heavier on the mascara can be my weakness. As far as product, I leave my eyebrows alone but do wear mascara almost every day. For this reason I am willing to try different brands. Today’s innovators are perfecting their formulas to work with you, not against you. Dome BEAUTY mascara is derived from olives (how cool is that?) and doesn’t take much effort to use. It spreads out my eyelashes perfectly and most importantly won’t clump up. I am recommending it to anyone who asks.

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