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Product Highlight, Nairian Night Serum

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT | Nairian Face Night Serum

I was introduced to Nairian at Cosmoprof’s press preview event. The packaging and brand story instantly impressed. Discovering new and interesting brands is at the top of my favorite activities. Nairian is all-natural and plant-based but what is most impressive is their dedication to the process. They are environmentally friendly and value the farms and community from which their ingredients come from. Since the brand and ingredients come the Armenian highlands, you can be sure this brand is all about the earth and nature. This is the kind of brand I love to highlight. It is my firm belief that integrity is just as important as the product.

A jar of this rich-looking cream will last you for a long time. Little goes a long way. After a particular tough winter, my dry skin was in trouble and I cherished the fact that this was in my bathroom cabinet. It was after a bad cold that I realized just how nourishing the serum is. My skin was in trouble and a careful rub of this stuff helped get rid of the flakiness, the skin on my nose was like-new again. As you might have guessed, it smells like delicious apricots (just don’t eat it). Skincare rituals are a form of self-care, although they take effort, we feel taken care of. It is gratifying to take some time-out and use a night serum that brings both joy and results. I even dab it on my cuticles before a manicure.


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