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4 Refreshing Facial Mists for Better Complexion

This story was originally researched and written for Insider’s Guide to Spas.

It was in my early days of college, while visiting a relative in Manhattan, that I noticed a bottle of Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. I tried it, and have been hooked on facial sprays ever since. I liked how it helped soften my skin and even refreshed my newly re-applied makeup. What this mysterious bottle of misting spray did for me is change my view about what skincare should look like. When it comes to skincare routines, some might find facial sprays an unnecessary step, but I think you might be missing out on an important beauty staple.

Whenever a brand I love comes out with a facial spray, I am all about trying it. Suffering from dry skin and eczema will do that to you. I find that a good facial spray can freshen up my morning skincare routine, get rid of flakiness, set makeup and most importantly balance and hydrate. I like to use a spray after I apply my serum and moisturizer, and then again after I apply my makeup. It is especially refreshing to find a spray that does something new for my routine. If you opened up my refrigerator you might find that there is a facial spray always ready to go. Keeping them cool is especially refreshing during the warmer months. Misting my way to hydration and good skin is a daily ritual, and these four include a few of the classics, as well as newbies, you should be trying right now.

Nairian has wowed me with their lovely packaging since I discovered them at Cosmoprof, and then again with a selection of products that help soothe my dry skin. Nairian’s spray is a Balancing and Refreshing Toner. The intriguing bottle of spray holds Damask Roses as an ingredient, grown in the Armenian Highlands. It’s a pleasure to use and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

MyChelle‘s Fruit Enzyme Hydrating Mist is my new skincare obsession. This powerful bottle of spray smells wonderful and manages to instantly enhance my skin’s moisture level. Using MyChelle’s spray is a refreshing experience. After spraying, I like to massage the product in for better performance. It doesn’t hurt to know that this product helps provide anti-pollution benefits.

Jurlique is the classic I go back to for what it does best—refresh and tone. For a more targeted treatment, choose from Rosewater for balancing, Calendula for redness, or Lavender for hydration. These botanical sprays flawlessly mist your skin with a subtle scent and should become an essential part of your skincare routine.

Marie Veronique is my go to for the occasional breakout. Yes, even someone with dry skin can get acne, and when I do, treatment can be tricky. Marie Veronique’s Treatment Mist helps aid me in my quest to calm inflammation and reduce redness. I keep this spray around for acne emergencies and feel comforted knowing that although it works on acne, it is not drying.

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