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Product Highlight, Kosås Lipstick


One of the primary reasons I choose to write about beauty is because I believe it is more than superficial frivolity. For this reason, I gravitate towards brands with a genuine product and message. Kosås speaks to me with their mind, body and soul philosophy. They are elevating the idea of beauty by cultivating it on more than one level.

There is something about a Kosås lipstick that is both modern and pleasing. This might not be surprising for today’s standards, however I have been writing about green beauty since 2006. It always puts a smile on my face when I see how far we have come on both color and design. My absolute favorite thing about this particular tube of lipstick is that I purchased it in one of my neighborhood shops. It holds a memory. DUO NYC is located on 9th Street in the east Village. My boyfriend and I often take walks here and have gotten to know the local store owners. My second favorite is the magnetic cap closure.

Using the lipstick | The color is of this particular tube is ROSEWATER. When in need of a casual but stylish daytime color, this is the one I always reach for. It can be best described as a cool nude with a hint of pink. Rosewater is one of those universal colors that look great on just about anyone. While the color is excellent on its own, sometimes I like to mix and match it with other lipstick colors as well. Using it feels luxuriously smooth and hydrating. This might be one of the best perks. The color will not bleed and is easy to apply on-the-go. Imagine not having to use a mirror. Knowing there are no unnecessary toxic chemicals makes using it so much more pleasurable. You might notice that the packaging itself is well-designed and strikingly chic. No matter how much I throw it around my handbag, its beauty holds up.

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