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Product Highlight, MILÉO NEW YORK Labyrinthe Vert

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT | MILÉO NEW YORK Labyrinthe Vert Skin Elixir, The Skin Refiner

MILÉO NEW YORK is the creation of a wellness enthusiast. After Matthew Mileo find out about his godmother’s cancer and saw how chemotherapy effected her skin, he took matters into his own hands. I feel connected with Matthew’s story because my  godmother remains to be one of my favorite people. Mileo New York’s elixirs are created from some of the most unique ingredients. Oud, an ancient extract known for its anti-cancer and skin regenerating benefits, is the most important ingredients used in this skincare line. Oud leaves your skin restored and vibrant. Using it ensures a meditative experience. MILÉO NEW YORK is so much more than skincare.

Using Labyrinthe Vert: This is one of the most special skincare products I have had the pleasure of using. Little goes a long way. After washing my face and applying toner – I dispense two drops in my palm and massage it into my skin. Since I like to mix my serums, I find that it works well with Biossance’s Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil. The precious Oud ingredient is gentle but intoxicating, transforming my skincare routine into an spa-like experience. I cherish this bottle because I adore the modern design but I love what it holds even more. It represents Matthew Mileo’s special love for his godmother and the hard work it took to create a product that is truly effective. Incorporating Labyrinthe Vert into my morning routine is uplifting and leaves me with smaller pores, even skin tone and just an overall flawless complexion.


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