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Product Highlight, Mullein & Sparrow Facial Steam

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT |Mullein & Sparrow Facial Steam

When it comes to skincare and ingenuity, Mullein & Sparrow can do no wrong. The brand’s creator, Anit Hora, has set out on a wellness mission and ended up with a modern botanical skincare line. I was introduced to Anit and her luxe skincare at Cosmoprof’s press preview event. At first, it was the gorgeous packaging that lured me in, then we started talking ingredients. Anit’s vast knowledge on both skincare and herbs makes Mullein & Sparrow the ultimate green beauty brand. Ayurvedic traditions, holistic wellness and natural beauty are all a part of the creative process. My dry skin loves to absorb the healing and soothing effects of Mullein & Sparrow ethically sourced ingredients, such as rose, frankincense and calendula. To read more about Anit’s story, read “A Passion For Plants With Mullein & Sparrow’s Anit Hora”.

For a pampered, at-home spa moment, I am fond of facial steams. It is one of the best ways to do a deeper pore cleanse. The old act of using face steam for a stuffy nose or facial treatment has the power to unwind and de-stress. Whenever we suffered with the sniffles, my mother had my sisters and I covered with a blanket, inhaling an organic chamomile face steam. I still do this today, it works wonders for better breathing and clean pores. It is a slow beauty ritual that echoes self-care in the best way possible.

Using the product: Mullein & Sparrow’s beautiful blend of loose wild-crafted flowers and herbs is easy to use. Simply boil four cups of water. Turn the heat off and drop in a handful of herbs. Cover the mixture and allow it to steep. Find a flat surface that allows you to comfortably relax and inhale. I like to pour the mixture into a large ceramic bowl (you can skip this step if you’d like) and place it on top of a wooden block with a towel. Cover your head with a light blanket and immerse your freshly cleaned face in the steam. Be careful to not get too close to the hot water, hover above for the recommended five minutes. There are times I like to stay a bit longer; relaxing is a big part of this routine. The benefits of a facial steam are; increased circulation, rejuvenation, hydration and a much-desired skin glow. It is especially calming and beneficial for reviving dull skin. The steam opens up your pores, allowing your skin to breathe, while getting rid of excess oil. Afterwards is the most ideal time to do a clay mask. This leads to purified pores and a clear, glowy, Complexion. Mullein & Sparrow’s Facial Steam is so natural you can even use it in your tea or bath. It is well worth the investment.


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