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Step Into The Salt Room

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Not all himalayan salt rooms are alike. Modrn Sanctuary, located in the Normad area of New York City, created a Salt Room with attention to detail and practicality. Modrn Sanctuary could be best described as a tranquil and healing space resembling a WeWork concept. Before the salt room was made into reality, I interviewed the owner, hypnotherapist and life coach, Alexandra Janelli, for Insider’s Guide to Spas.

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Taking your shoes off and stepping into Modrn Sanctuary’s luxurious Salt Room is exciting. It gave me the chance to dip my toes in sand and escape the city madness. Once I started reading up on the benefits of Halotherapy and experienced the effects myself, I knew having that himalayan salt lamp in my bedroom was a good idea. Salt therapy is a holistic relief from migraines, allergies, sluggishness, eczema and more. This Salt Room is where you can leave your worries behind for 30 to 45 minutes a session. The soothing energy and light emanating from the salt lamps, along with comfortable chairs for your lounging pleasure, make it easy to relax and just breathe in the good ions and salt air. The salt feels amazing underneath your feet, it is like a day at the beach. My experience even minimized a pesky sinus headache I’ve been fighting all day. Who knew a place as relaxing as this could exist in the middle of the city.

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