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Product Highlight, rms beauty lip2cheek

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT | rms beauty lip2cheek

Less makeup, more efficiency and empowerment, is what rms beauty is all about. My adoration for this brand should be obvious. It is combining multi-tasking and clean beauty with a beautiful palette of vibrant and subdued colors. The creator and well-known make-up artist, Rose-Marie Swift, has created a lifestyle brand that teaches women to use makeup as a convenient tool, not a time-consuming nuisance. Rms Beauty provides simple and quick application. The ingredients are either wildcrafted or organic, nourishing your skin and providing your skin with a worry-free and toxic-free makeup look. Rose Marie’s health philosophy, combined with nourishing and chemical-free ingredients, makes this a lifestyle brand.

Using the product: Let’s talk about application. I love to use my fingers with makeup and skincare. Rms beauty is a perfect brand for that. Since I love a pop of color, especially red, I gravitated towards this “beloved” lip2cheek option. This is a mineral color that can be used on both lips and cheeks, I even lightly apply any leftovers to my eye lids. Using this red stain makes me feel like a makeup artist. With rms, there is a sense of old-world beauty, reminding me of how our ancestors created natural makeup from nature. The summer will look a lot more beautiful with a color that makes my cheeks naturally rosy and my lips a sophisticated but youthful red.

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