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3 Miracle Masks To Revive Your Complexion


Sitting down with a mask can feel like revival is just around the corner. It is an at-home spa ritual and the ultimate way to celebrate some time-out with self-care. For targeting different skin issues I like to alternate and try different masks, depending on how my skin looks and feels at the moment. These three always make it into my rotation because of their effective ingredients and visible results.

Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask is a lifesaver on days you look in the mirror and see dull skin. Turmeric has a long history of being the golden ingredient in beauty and cooking recipes. In fact, turmeric is such an impressive ingredient, I like to use it in my DIY mask creations (recipe to follow in another post). The added cranberry seeds help gently exfoliate while you wash your mask off. Keeping this mask on hand has done incredible things for my skin. I am constantly wowed by it’s instant results of brighter, smoother and even complexion. A special mask should always leave you feeling confident and glowy. Another plus, when you have smoother skin, your makeup will go on a lot more smoothly.

The Skin Saint Pumpkin Perfection Mask is a rich, self warming mask that is ideal when you want to pamper your skin with some extra TLC. Not being a huge fan of pumpkin creations, I was hesitant but soon realized this mask is more than pumpkins. First, you will notice it looks and feels luxurious. Second, it goes on easy like a cream. Third, the mask feels heavenly while on your skin and never dries it out. It is everything you might want out of a good mask. That feeling of truly regenerated, hydrated and clean skin, is a welcomed one. Allowing this mask to soak in and do its job results in divine softness. I even noticed my pores looking and feeling better. The Skin Saint’s Founder, Holly Cutler, is a miracle worker who cares about your skin and health, both in a clinic setting and at home. Every product she creates seems to reflect the kind of care you would get working with a professional.

Repêchage Brightening Miracle Mask With Laminaria Complex makes masking an enjoyable experience. Each time I use it I know I will be getting a brighter complexion. This mask makes its way into my hands on days I desire a boost of radiance before an event or when I happened to have made the mistake of falling asleep in my makeup (it happens). I can count on this mask to be effective and the brightening results last for days. Known for using the power of the sea, Repechage combines natural ingredients with high tech research in order to create serious results. The brand’s Founder, Lydia Sarfati, has dedicated her life to creating more than skin care from the sea. Think of it as an experience that works to provide lasting rewards. It’s exactly what you want out of proper skincare.

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