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Product Highlight, Ducalm MULTITASTIC™ BARRIER


Du Calme yourself because Ducalm Skincare is here to make your life a lot easier. This brand is all about the power of simplicity, combined with effective ingredients. I met the creator of DUCALM Skincare, Danielle Pitts, at Indie Beauty Expo and struck up a conversation about the world of on-the-go skincare. Sure, there are times when you want to slow down and enjoy the ritual, but this brand is for those times when you need fast and practical beauty. Whether you are at the gym, the airport, or running from your office to a cocktail party, the freshness of Ducalm keeps you feeling in-charge and taken care of.

Using the product | Welcomed Cooling

Although I am sure I will love the entire Ducalm Collection, as an editor with dry skin, I immediately gravitated towards testing the Multitastic Barrier. This convenient, and now essential tool, is a cooling moisturizer in stick form. I do admit that when I hear that a product contains hyaluronic acid, I immediately add it to my skincare repertoire. This magic wand feels fresh and cooling on my skin, without any stickiness or oil. With it’s perfect size, this moisturizer is easy to take with you on your travels, while keeping your skin hydrated and calm with added natural botanicals (Calendula, Arnica and Marshmallow root extract). According to Ducalm, it feels like a cool drink of water for your face, and I concur.

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