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Tried-and-True, Editor-Approved Skincare Tips & More

(main image: Deborah Turbeville)

Foolproof beauty and wellness rituals are self-loving acts that we acquire over time. These skills can be passed down from our ancestors and beauty icons alike. Some of the best tricks can be taught to us by our grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, and of course our beauty loving friends. As a beauty editor, I additionally get to pick up these tips from professionals. It is one of the many benefits of exploring the world of spas and skincare. Being in consistent contact with the beauty community and its innovators allows my book of beauty and wellness discovery become vast and endless. The learning does not end here.

These are tried-and-true beauty tips that stuck with me over the last ten years, or longer. They are useful all year, but especially for pampering in the colder months ahead.


Transitional weather means sometimes it’s hot and humid and sometimes it feels like Fall. This is the time our mind, body and skin could use extra TLC. Fall is more than a season for sweaters. It signals rest and turning over a new leaf. Your skin feels the same way. It needs to shed the summer. Personally, fall is a season when my dry skin requires an instant switch to new products. My skin gets flaky, tight and dry, requiring refining and moisture. Although I love peels, they can be too harsh and unpractical in the transitional weather. Deeper peels are best left for the winter. I like to opt for gentle sugar cleansers or scrubs and my DEVICES. Clarisonic has been a best friend to my skin and I cannot imagine living without it. The Radiance Brush Head is my go-to. I knew I was onto something when I asked one of my favorite skincare gurus and America’s Skin Saint for advice. Holly Cutler recommended going for manual exfoliants.

“Manual exfoliants like Clarisonic or light scrubs help to exfoliate without the photosensitivity of retinoid. Enzymes like papaya and pineapple are wonderful exfoliants that are gentle enough to use 1-3x a week.”  

Extra Product Tip: Try a pore refining mask that leaves you with a glow. The Skin Saint’s Pumpkin Perfection Mask has a warming sensation and it is one of the best “at-home spa” masks. Your skin will experience an instant makeover.


I strive to find new ways to improve upon my mind, body and soul regimen. Skincare is important to me but it is only a small part of what it takes to practice self-care. I love going to spas but the spa lifestyle starts at home. Fall is when I like to gather a bouquet of aromatic herbs for my shower rod. Eucalyptus and Lavender are my favorites. If you aren’t fond of the idea of herbs hanging out in your bathroom, but still want the aromatherapy benefits of spas, try a few drops of essential oil. Simply spread a few drops in your bath or shower before you go in and allow for the steam to do the rest. Not only will your shower smell like a spa, your sinuses will be a lot happier.

You are not imagining winter’s dry and itchy skin. A dermatologist once taught me an essential tip on how to prevent this pesky problem. He made me realize that I was showering with water that was just too hot. Steam up your bathroom first and then shower in cooler water. The same doctor suggested I keep the steam in by blocking the bottom door gap with a towel. Plus you can keep itchiness and dry skin at bay by locking in moisture. Moisturize the minute you step out of the shower. Waiting too long will leave your skin unable to absorb all the hydration, leaving it unsatisfied. In the wintertime I am devoted to body oils.

Extra Product Tip: Improve upon your at-home spa experience with Travertine Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray. When the steam rises you simply inhale and enjoy. Doing this can help you fight a cold and congestion.


You already know you should wash your face and treat it gently. Washing your face can feel like a chore, but it is not a thankless job. Yes, washing is important, but did you know that you should be careful of over-cleansing? The American Academy of Dermatology recommends limiting face washing to twice a day and after sweating. Any more than that, and your skin will be irritated or dry. There is something else you might not know. Your cleanser you are using right now could be too drying. Make sure to choose the right cleanser for your skin type by reading labels or speaking to your dermatologist/facialist. For oily skin, try a deep pore refining cleanser. For dry skin, try a creamy or oil cleanser. For sensitive or combination skin, try a gentle cleanser without any harsh ingredients.

For an additional beauty tip; work on your face with stress-free sleep and a silk pillow case. Silk pillow cases are a pleasure to sleep on and have been proven to prevent acne and wrinkles. The friction between your skin and hair at night causes us to wake up with pillow wrinkles and tangled hair. The right pillow case can seriously transform your skin and hair overnight.

Extra Product Tip: Choosing a cleanser can be confusing. La Flore’s Probiotic Cleanser is one of those products that intuitively work with all skin types. It is one of the best cleansers I have ever had the pleasure of inserting into my summer to fall routine.


We know not to rub or scrub our faces too hard, but watching the European women in my family apply products has taught me that you can massage, tap, even pinch and slap your face for better skincare results. I apply my serums and moisturizers by massaging them in, then tapping and lightly slapping them in. Try to apply your products from thinnest to the thickets texture in an upward motion. For an added glow, I like to mix my face oil with my foundation.

Extra Product Tip: Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil leaves your skin smooth and looking radiant. Once you are ready for your makeup application, use a drop or two of this luxurious formula for an added skin glow.


A full night’s sleep is vital for a rested beauty look but it is not always possible. My favorite way to relax and get rid of dark circles is with chilled chamomile tea bags. Using chamomile tea bags on eyes is an old trick. It also helps with puffiness. It’s a natural and affordable way de-stress yourself and your eyes. If you are looking to wake up your skin, use an eye cream containing caffeine. For re-generating the eye area and preventing dark circles, as well as early wrinkles, use eye creams with vitamin C or retinol ingredients. Speak with your dermatologist to find out which is better for you.

Extra Product Tip: Healthy looking eyes make all the difference. Before any big event, I like to use special eye products. To look especially refreshed try Kerstin Florian Correcting Eye Rescue.  The kit includes algae-based pads and a hydrating spray. I saw an immediate change and my skin felt hydrated.


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