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Best Clean Facial Oils For a Healthy Glow


A healthy skin glow is always in. This was true back in the old Hollywood and it still rings true today. Reading up on Marilyn Monroe’s extensive skincare routine, I get the picture that her skin was just as dry as mine. My routine is not as complicated but it does take a few steps to get it properly hydrated. Heavy creams do a good job but after years of continued flakiness and eczema I discovered facials oils work a lot better for me. I find them easy to use because they feel fresher, feel great when mixed together and can be added to your foundation for extra glow. Making my case for facial oils is easy because I have dry skin. If you have oily or combination skin, always read up on ingredients. Not all oils are made alike but the right kind can help prevent breakouts. The most important thing to know about facial oils that they have the added ability to penetrate deeper and beyond the surface of the skin. That’s where the real hydration and anti-aging begins.

Since our options for both indie and well-known brands have become endless, this fall and winter is the ideal time to discover the beautiful world of facial oils. Using a face oil reminds me of a time when natural beauty was prevalent. I imagine brews and potions being made alongside skincare. Some of my most favorite beauty products have been discovered on trips or at indie markets. You never know where you might find your favorite but I hope you take into consideration my personal collection of oils I’ve tested and cherished. They have been approved by my super duper dry skin.


aroma M Beauty Prickly Pear Face Oil – Maria McElroy is an expert on unique ingredients, especially scents and oils. Some of her best elixirs contain rare ingredients discovered on her trips to Marrakech. As soon as this oil touched my skin, it was instant hydration to the rescue.

Mullein & Sparrow Rose & Frankincense Facial Serum – All natural and pure. This is one of my favorite botanical brands. The dry skin products are seriously effective because they are made by master herbalist and aesthetician, Anit Hora. I do believe the line is in the process of re-formulating some of it’s products. Whatever Anit comes up with will be better and even more effective.

Herbal Dynamics Beauty Replenishing Squalane & Argan Oil Serum – Harnessing the power of nature and science, Herbal Dynamics is packed goodness for your skin. This oil in particular is 100% organic and contains active botanicals, bringing dehydrated skin back to life. I met them at Indie Beauty Expo and cannot get enough of their products, including the spray on Rose Water Face Toner.

Milèo New York Monte D’Oro Night Regenerator – My nightly ritual is to use a drop of this face oil. I feel fortunate to have made it a part of my routine because I have honestly never had anything more luxurious touch my skin. Massaging it in and inhaling the exclusive scent provides a nice touch right before I meditate and get my beauty sleep. For daytime, try MILEO’s Labyrinthe Vert Skin Oil/Serum.

Biossance Squalane + Vitaminc C Rose Oil – If you seek brighting, firming and radiance, go for Biossance. This is the ideal oil to mix in with your foundation in order to get your glow on. Biossance was born out innovative technology and I love that it stands up for not only our health but also the health of the planet. For even more hydration, try their hydrating 100% Squalane Oil for Face, Body & Hair.

TaÏla Prana Face Oil – This gorgeous looking bottle of oil holds everything I’ve been looking for in a daytime beauty product. Taila is a newly launched brand (just this past summer), and I am obsessed with what they do next.  Although this oil is made with perfection and the bottle is luxury, using it feels unpretentious. That might be because the quality speaks for itself. Using nature as a guide, Taila harnesses the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, coupling a modern life with botanical science. It’s perfect!

Under Aurora Nourishing Facial Oil – Under Aurora deserves a lot more praise than I can give. This is the oil for everyone. Those with dry or oily skin can use it to moisturize and help prevent acne. Although I have not held a bottle of this oil in some time, I still think about it and need to get my hands on a new batch. I discovered this facial oil while visiting Salem, Massachusets and oh boy did it give me smooth skin, plus radiance. All at a great price. You have to try this brand!


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