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Toxic-Free Beauty For Healthy Breasts With Ira Kaganovsy Green


October might be over but Breast Cancer Awareness is something I think about all year. My six month check ups are always nerve-wracking, reminding me to keep vigilant and strive for a healthier lifestyle.

Considering green beauty shops and brands are all around us, you can no longer use the excuse of inconvenience.  Remind yourself that you and only you are responsible for double checking ingredients and making sure a brand philosophy correlates with your personal beliefs and lifestyle. The indie and natural beauty market has grown into a gorgeous display of brands that are modernizing green essentials. These brands provide every day products that make their way into the routine part of our lives. When it comes to beauty and grooming, doesn’t it make sense that we should choose the healthier option? Your breast might be happier too.

When I think of breast health and routines, my mind immediately goes to deodorants. This is one essential that we use once or twice, on a daily basis. I am no expert on natural deodorants, but have tried many, and only two work for me so far. Freedom Deodorant is one. I reached out to the CEO of Freedom, Ira Kaganovsy Green. You might have seen their luxe deodorant sticks make their way into your local spa or shop, and most recently on We chatted about the importance of breast health, women run businesses and of course ingredients. These subjects certainly command further discussion.

Image: Steve Marcus

Q & A

When did you first launch Freedom?

May 17th 2016. After my 3 friends were diagnosed with breast cancer.

I understand you used to work in finance. How has this helped you gain better knowledge on running a business of your own?

18 years as a financial advisor was a world away from starting a company but it prepared me soo much ! It took away my fear of numbers and helped me make sure I had all the bases covered, i.e., insurance, banking, business licenses, trademarks etc!

How has your lifestyle and personal wellness philosophy changed since you became the CEO of Freedom? 

Omg, where do I begin… my daughters and I, all now read labels not just on food but all products. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a Coca Cola now and then, plus my favorite L’Oreal eyeliner (still waiting for that unicorn perfect Black stay all day natural eye liner) but for the most part we are much more careful of products.

What do you think the biggest differences are between working in finance and the beauty/wellness industries?

The money, lol…… I have never worked so hard yet made so little… ha, but I love every bit of my FREEDOM. Beauty is so enjoyable because its tangible. When you create a great product you can touch and feel it right away, plus I love the fact that every time someone uses our product they have made a healthier decision for themselves. I can’t say that in finance.

Why is it so important to switch to a natural deodorant?

1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. There are many different causes but for me when my 3 friends were diagnosed I made a decision pay more attention to what I put on my body…did you know that antiperspirants were an over the counter drug? No thank you, not for me.

I would rather put natural products near my breasts, nothing that changes the way my body works (definition of over the counter drug is changing the way your body normally functions, stopping sweat).

Besides paying attention to ingredients, what are some other ways we can keep our breasts healthy?

  1. Green tea Extract
  2. Vitamin D3
  3. Iodine – 180 -220mg
  4. Massage

Why do some natural deodorants work for some people and others do not?

This is a loaded question as all of our bodies are different. I believe in the oil and water rule…some people are oil and some water. For some people the crystal works great and for others (me ), it doesn’t. My skin likes more oily products where as water based products tend to dry me out and not be as effective. So really it is good to find something that fits your skin’s chemistry best.

Another reason is that some brands or ingredients just try to mask the smell instead of treating it, using heavy perfumes etc. That doesn’t work in the long run plus those perfumes contain the very things (phthalates) we are trying to avoid.

So what harmful or unnecessary ingredients should we watch out for in deodorants? 






-Marketing (Don’t believe all the marketing——there is a reason all these influencers have agents now)

What business advice would you give to young women striving to start a healthy company of their own? 

To go for it but be prepared, have thick skin. Just because you have good intentions you have to remember this is a business…But don’t let that stop you, in fact don’t let anything stop you!




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Nairian Moisturizer – Winter is coming and along with facial oils, I will be fighting dry skin with this one and only moisturizer. Nairian has coupled Roman Chamomile with Rose (a personal favorite ingredient). Together they soothe dry and irritated skin.



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Province Apothecary Radiant Body Oil – Nature has never been bottled so stylishly. I immediately jumped at the chance to try this nourishing Body Oil. For maximum benefits, massage the oil into your skin right after you come out of the shower.


Freedom Deodorant – Freedom deodorant’s ingredients are natural enough to eat, although the CEO advises against it. That is a sign of a truly natural product, not to mention it really works. My favorite scent is Frankincense Peach.

SOPHi by Piggy Paint Nail Polish – Piggy Paint does not mess around with chemicals. Their nail colors are free of ALL harsh chemicals. That is what I would call a manicure with a peace of mind. Your only job is to sit back, relax and paint.

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