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Cultivating Beauty & At-Home Spa, Part II

The saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup” rings true to every kind and empathetic care-taker. This is especially true during the holiday season. It is time for decorating, parties, lots of errands and being there for others. The holidays are ideal for showing those you love how much you care about them. This does not mean you should neglect YOU. If you do not take care of yourself, you cannot take care of others. Create a space of serenity and solitude just for yourself. Self-care is essential. If you happened to miss part 1 of cultivating an at-home spa, read it here. Cultivating an at-home spa lifestyle continues.


Bath Soak

This is the big one. Stress can be an unavoidable part of life, however melting it away is up to you. A hot bath is an old remedy that will soothe sore muscles and your nerves, however it can do so much more than that. Your time in the tub can help you feel tranquil while increasing circulation, work as a sleep aid and even relieve cold or flu symptoms. For these reasons, and more, take your bath soaks seriously.

The fun part about taking a bath is that you can prepare it your own special way. My personal favorite tools to bring into a place of solitude are: aromatherapy (organic sage or rose essential oil), epsom salt, soy candles, music and flowers.  For a bath that is even more effective, follow instructions from a guru. Here is some sage advice from a shaman.

Deborah Hanekamp (also known as Mama Medicine) is a shaman whose bath rituals are a well-known part of her spiritual practice. Make your bath time special with this Healing Bath Recipe.

At-Home Facial 

Tis the season for face steaming. Get your skin in shape with a good at-home facial. Make a plan to dedicate an hour to a skincare routine that will revive your complexion and get you glowing. Using a face sauna will help open up the pores and relieve sinus pressure. At-home facials using steam can be done once a month. When it comes to steaming, too much of a good thing can be bad for your skin. Follow up with a clay mask. Clay masks purify and soften the skin. These three are my personal favorite. I am a big believer in using a toner. Although toners have suffered from a bad reputation due to their outdated alcohol-based formulas, the toners of today can seriously transform the way your skin looks and feels. Read Best Toners For All Skin Types to find the ideal toner for you.


Invest in the Essentials

When it is time to cool off from your hot bath and at-home facial, reach for a glass of cucumber or lemon water. Have you noticed how spa lounges consistently serve this refreshing beverage? There is a reason for that. They want to you stay hydrated with a drink that has the added ability to boost your mood, provide antioxidants and vitamin C. I like to keep a carafe and a glass next to my bed, this reminds me to drink water throughout the day.  If you would like to take it a level further, keep a tray of of herbal teas and lemon water in your kitchen. It is these little reminders that allow us to treat our bodies with kindness at home, not just at the spa.

What is more eternally spa than a robe. If you do not own a luxe robe, eye mask and slippers, can you really call yourself a spa fanatic? It is these three items that will help transform your home life. As an avid collector of eye masks, each one serving a unique purpose, I can confirm that after a day of running around there is nothing better than getting in your bed and relaxing without distractions. Unplug and start exploring the idea of slow living.

Product Tip: Spas typically have a designated quiet or sleep area, aka your bedroom. This should be your number one place for tranquility. Unplug from technology and stress. This is also where you can create your meditation nook. Nod Pod has been described as a weighted blanket for your face. While it is designed to hug your head and go over your eyes and temples, I have used it to put light pressure on my forehead as well.  It has changed the way I relax and deal with a headache. Put it in your freezer for extra relief.

Bath Image: Mama Medicine Instagram 


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