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The Lasting Power of Red, New Year, New Healthy Pout


It is no secret that a red lip can brighten up even the dullest of days. Red lipstick may be intimidating to some however I think that you should consider one of these hydrating and nourishing colors. You might change your mind and vow to wear more red in 2019.

From a subtle lip to a bold lip, these brands have made it their business to make your lips happy and healthy.

this red lip

RealHer Moisturizing Lipstick – In need of moisture, beautiful colors and a positive message? RealHer has it all in one package. You can tell how how hydrating these lipsticks are as soon as they hit your lips. Compared to other reds, this “Hot Red” color is surprisingly subtle and has a satin finish. My absolute favorite part of discovering new beauty is what happens behind the brand. RealHer is about so much more than sales. They donate to women’s charities and make sure to provide a positive message for all beauty lovers. It is easy to see a bright future for a brand that cares and empowers women. You can wear this creamy and modern color with confidence. Now available at Macy’s.

Clove + Hallow Lip Crème – Looking for a satin matte finish without the dryness? You can trust Clove + Hallow to deliver the effect. The popular makeup line was launched by a professional makeup artist and fellow red lip lover, Sarah Biggers. The pigment is what you might expect from a makeup artist, but this brand also provides safe ingredients. These reds are nourishing, cruelty free and vegan. The stylish packaging alone, magnetic closure included, might win you over. You have to try their other red lip options, such as Lip Velvet in a Fiesta Color, my personal favorite lip obsession.


Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipstick – I gravitated towards Ere Perez because of their variety of red colors. They just popped. Then I discovered they were formulated with olive oil and I fell in love all over again. We all want a skin glow, but I find that these lipstick give my lips a natural and radiant glow of their own. Ere Perez mission to give us healthy makeup choices correlates with my own philosophy of living a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Social Paint Party Crasher Lip Gloss –  This may not be a lipstick or a bold red color but when it comes to daytime makeup, I highly recommend the Party Crasher. I met the owner at Indie Beauty Expo and could instantly tell she infuses love and passion behind her products. Social Paint is a health conscious brand that will make you gloss and chemical-free beauty convert. The Party Crasher color is a dark coral pink. I suggest you bring out your phone for a selfie because this color photographs really well.

Zuzu Luxe Lipstick – While some indie brands have been getting all the attention, we can’t forget about those who helped pioneered the green beauty movement.  Zuzu Luxe is a Gabriel Cosmetics brand. When it comes to healthy makeup, you can trust them with your lips. I find their lipsticks are great for mix and matching with other colors. My lips have never been more smooth or supple.

Want even more options + plus tips on application? Read Red Lips For Every Day Glamour.

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