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Self-Care Insiders: Talking Skincare & Winter Wellness With Maya Crothers, Founder of CIRCCELL

Self-care is medicine for the soul. It always has been, it was just not labeled as such. We perform intimate rituals, whisper loving words, scribble in our journals and when needed, we grab the bull by the horns in order to feel healthy and well. This is a “Self-Care Insiders” series. It is a reminder of my own personal journey towards wellness. Mental health is often not talked about and those who suffer with depression or anxiety keep it to themselves, fearing others will not understand. Mental health awareness is a big reason why Cultivated was born and why wellness + self-care is so important to me. It is hard to talk about but important to share.

Mental health aside, we can ALL benefit from taking a time-out from our busy lives to breathe easier and appreciate slow living. This is especially true in the wintertime, when the winter blues effect a large percentage of the population and our skin thirsts for extra care. On days when self-care is doable, I share insider tips from myself and professionals who have built their business on the concept of health and wellness. Their stories are empowering and inspiring. Whether it has to do with skincare, spirituality, fitness or spas. We are all in this together.

Our first Self-Care Insider is Maya Crothers. Maya is a respected entrepreneur and her brainchild is CIRCCELL. CIRCCELL is more than another skincare brand. It is a sensory experience and exactly the kind of line of products you want to keep on hand for your special beauty rituals. Reading up on Maya Crothers has made me fall in love with her story. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and especially if you are a woman in your 40s looking for her second act, take a tip from Maya and “never give up”.


How to fight the winter blues with at-home spa, self-care or wellness tips? 

On grey days it is especially important to get your blood pumping.  Any form of exercise, even a bundled up walk in the cold, fresh air can make a world of difference – especially on the occasional sunny winter day! 

Get that vitamin D anyway you can. For at home self care during the cold months, I love bath time facials.  I cleanse with our Mandarin Cleansing Milk and follow it up with a generous layer of our Fruition brightening and polishing mask.  The steam in the bath help the products work on a deeper level and the aromatherapy component of the citrus elements is heavenly!  After bath apply our Dew Perfector, Creme ER3 and one of our face oils.    

How to take care of dry skin in the wintertime?

Hydration and environmental protection is so important during the cold months.  Also, the dryer air can mean a thicker layer of dry, dead skin.  To combat this your routine should include products that exfoliate, hydrate and protect.  Look for AHAs, lactic acid and enzymes (to exfoliate), humectants (to drive moisture into the skin) and barrier protection ingredients like shea butter and squalene (to protect from wind and dehydration).  Use our Dew Perfector morning and night followed by our Moisture Shield SPF 30 (day) and one of our face oil blends (night) and you’ll be covered!   

What ingredients to look for in the winter season? 

Humectants to drive moisture into the skin.  We use hyalauronic acid, Salporene – 8 and lactic acid.  Exfoliating elements to clear away dry skin.  We use fruit acids, lactic acid and enzymes.  Barrier protecters to protect from dehydration and wind.  We use olive sourced squalene and a variety of oils…..and of course, SPF during the day.

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