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Yes! You can Create a Makeup Look Using Clean Beauty Brands


The toxic-free beauty market is not what it was 20 years ago. Today’s beauty industry standards are getting a clean sweep across makeup and skincare. When it comes to regulations and greenwashing we have a long way to go but believe me when I tell you that choosing products with unnecessary chemicals no longer makes sense for you. Always read labels because makeup absorbs into your skin, your largest organ. A good rule to have is if you watch what you put in your body, you will want to watch what you put on it as well.

I do confess that I consider myself a 90% clean, 10% not so much kind of beauty worshiper. If you spilled the contents of my makeup bag you might find that it is not all clean.  In college I worked and saved up money to feed my Chanel and Dior obsession. To this day, I keep these brands on hand. Additionally, I am believer in science-backed skincare and brands with a good track record of using safe ingredients.

Are you ready to do the switch? You will find that clean beauty provides gorgeous colors and luxurious packaging. Those who state otherwise would be spreading a myth. As a girl who has tried on hundreds of brands over the years, my favorite lip colors always end up being made by a clean brand. When possible, ditch the chemicals and try these far better options instead.


Haley’s Re:Set Liquid Matte Foundation is formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates and fragrance. I like to use this foundation on days when I need extra coverage (aka see imperfections). The brand continues to improve the way we treat complexion with makeup. It is high up there on my list of brands that bring you high-efficiency and diversity. The foundation glides on seamlessly and little goes a long way.

Extra Tip: Mix your foundation with a facial oil/serum for smoother application and a healthy glow. My winter favorite is Herbal Dynamics RevitAge™ Replenishing Oil Squalane & Argan Oil Serum. It is 100% Organic, pure and packed with active botanicals to help you with your dry skin woes.

As you might have guess Clove & Hallow Conceal + Perfect is a liquid conceal but you might not know that it is the holy grail of green beauty. The lightweight liquid is ideal on days you feel tired and your dark circles decide to make their presence known.



When I say Zuzu Luxe Mascara is clump-free, you have to believe me. I was blessed with long eyelashes, but they can be unruly under the wand. This mascara has given my Dior favorite a run for it’s money. It separates and elongates my lashes perfectly, one layer after another. Zuzu Luxe is owned by Gabriel Cosmetics and you just have to try this one for yourself.

Jane Iredale Eyeshadow Kit is my favorite daytime makeup companion. The kit includes a primer and chic colors that can take you from day to night. Jane Iredale has been in business for a long time and continues to wow with new launches. The Founder lives what she preaches with an admirable green lifestyle in the country.


RealHer Eye Am Outstanding Liquid Eyeliner is my secret tool on days I need extra confidence. It helps me feel tough and because it comes with a precision tip, it applies easily and with no mishaps. I find it that it is non-irritating on my sensitive eyes, plus it seems to last and last all day.


Using a brush to apply your blush is fine but have you ever used your hands? I just love the way rms beauty lip2cheek works on my lips and on my cheeks. Beloved is my favorite color because I noticed it gives my cheeks a look that a regular blush never seems to provide – a look that says happy, youthful and healthy on even the greyest of winter days. Don’t worry about chemicals. This brand is non-toxic.


There is a lipstick that will leave your lips hydrated and looking beautiful all day. RealHer Moisturizing Lipstick comes in natural and vibrant colors that go on like a dream. Deep Mauve is my favorite color for daytime lips and I find that it mixes well with other colors as well.

If you love nourishing lipsticks and haven’t tried Aveda’s Feed My Lips collection, you are certainly missing out. Aveda is known for their hair products, so it only makes sense that their lipsticks are formulated to compliment your hair. The collection includes soft Lip Liners that are 96% naturally-derived. Feathered lipstick is one of my pet-peeves and lip liners ensure that doesn’t happen. I am reaching for lip liners again, thanks to Aveda.


J.Hannah NailPolish colors evoke emotion and I want to try them all. The saying, necessity is the mother of invention, applies to this jewelry brand and their need to create colors that looked just as sophisticated as their designs. The colors are mod and elegant, with a certain ability to compliment your wardrobe. Best of all, they are 7-free.

We can all a agree that a shiny top coat is necessary. SOPHi by Piggy Paint, a brand that has been around since my early years of writing about green beauty, makes a top coat that provides the luster and chip resistance you desire. If your teen asks for a nail polish, go for Piggy Paint.

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