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Self-Care Insiders: Wellness, Yoga & Skincare Wisdom from Matthew Milèo

The Self-Care Insiders started with the idea of gathering intimate wisdom from clean living and wellness advocates. Sharing ideas from successful leaders and putting them in one place, that you can tap into at any time, is a powerful resource for anyone looking to start or enrich their own wellness journey.

Matthew Milèo was one of the first people I thought of. He is so much more than what you see on his Instagram or in the press. The more I get to know about him, the more I fall in love with his message of wellness and brand, Milèo New York. Matthew’s approach towards skincare and wellness is both genuine and inspiring.

Your serums are so precious. What are some proper ways you recommend we use Milèo New York products in self-care rituals?

Elixir Oud is a pure & powerful skincare treatment that also bouquets the senses as a natural therapeutic fragrance. After massaging a few drops of MILÈO Elixir Oud onto the face, I recommend cupping the hands over the nose to inhale the healing biomolecules of Oud and all of the 3000 flowers every bottle contains.  This allows the body to safely receive the transformative sensorial benefits that each Elixir Oud possesses — such as passion, happiness, strength, and relaxation. I also encourage dabbing a little Elixir Oud on the pulse points of the body, like the wrists and sides of the neck, to extend its purposeful benefits as a natural fine fragrance.

How do you unwind and practice self-care in your personal life? 

I love taking baths at night to unwind before bed — it’s the only time where I can truly disconnect from outside stimuli and let everything go, all while preparing my body to rest and recover. Funny, I’ve never been a fan of the usual spa ingredients like lavender, sage, lemon, and peppermint. I’ve tried those but prefer something more lush and exotic.  My bath time routine consists of Himalayan cedarwood, Madagascan ylang-ylang, Egyptian geranium, and Italian yellow mandarin — I save the rare flowers and Oud for my elixirs! In the morning, I always start my day with a morning walk with my frenchie pup, Astro, and then head to the gym for a fitness routine of yoga, boxing, or swimming. I find that these three activities are the most meditative for me, as it clears my mind and enhances my concentration — I’ve had my best ideas in the lap pool, or on the yoga mat. I also love to cook, and in my dishes I play with many spices and flavors like saffron, pink pepper, holy basil, and vanilla.  I never follow recipes as that totally takes the fun out of cooking (at least for me anyway).  It gives me another way to let my creative juices flow, which for a Taurus, is very important!

Wintertime can make us feel less motivated.  Do you have any recommendations on balancing work/life and what natural ways can we boost our mood?

Feeling less motivated in the winter is actually a healthy sign that you’re aligned to the vibration of your body. Winter is the season where we naturally hibernate, and go deep within ourselves and become more introspective.

Don’t fight it — it’s the perfect time to reassess your desires, motives, and clean out messes and/or people in your life.  I’m a believer in listening to your body, so during the winter I’m ok with taking ‘down time’ to catch up on reading books, watching movies, or cleaning out my apartment.  You’ll be surprised on how a closet purge can boost your mood, or how finishing a good book inspires your creative process. These are ways to create space in your life, to bring in new and better things, which ultimately elevates your mood by sparking your passion and sense of purpose. 

If times get really tough, take a break from your phone and social media (winter is the worst time to over engage), and immediately get back into doing something that fuels your soul. 

Do you have any recommendations for someone who is new to yoga or getting back into it after many years?

Yes! One simple rule: Resist the urge to look around the room, and stay focused within the parameters of your mat. This simple rule has some extraordinary benefits that will evolve not just your physical practice, but your emotional stability, and mental clarity.  By not looking at other’s yoga practice in the room, you’re not comparing yourself to what someone else is doing. You’re also not waiting for approval from anyone, nor validating your beliefs from an opinion of what someone else believes. Our judgmental mind quiets, as our ego stills. Suddenly, in this space, you can hear what your body is telling you, and you now have a choice of what you want to do, rather than just following a cause without a purpose. Yoga is all about meditation in movement, feeling the flow and energy from the room. Our eyes are our single most distracting factor.  Once you heighten your feeling and listening, you’ll be able to reap all the benefits that yoga has to offer. For an experienced yogi, try doing a class with your eyes closed, or better yet, bring a blindfold. 

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  1. Elaine Jackson says

    Beautifully written article!
    Matthew lives his passions which result in a truly inspired life. His wellness wisdom is profound and his Elixer Oud is his gift to us all.

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