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This article was written in collaboration with and for Well Within Beauty.

Skincare routines are more than rituals, they are age-old wisdom passed down from generation to generation, culture to culture and from expert to beauty enthusiast. As a beauty editor for a number of years, I have been fortunate enough to pick up essential skincare tips and tricks from aestheticians, dermatologists and veteran beauty gurus. From the correct way to washing your face, to applying your products, get the most out of your skincare ritual with these tried-and-true skincare tips that will improve your complexion.


Although I have always had very dry skin, it wasn’t until my 30s that I suffered from itching and dryness on my back and legs. After speaking with a dermatologist, I realized I have been making the mistake of showering for too long, with water that was too hot. Taking a long shower strips your skin of moisture. The older we get the less our skin produces oils needed for moisturize. Long and hot showers can be a fantastic stress-reliever however if you notice your skin is dry or developing eczema, adjust your shower length and temperature. 

One of my favorite tips for a pleasant winter shower is using your bathroom’s steam to moisturize your skin. Block the gap underneath the door with a towel and voila! Your bathroom is instantly transformed into a personal sauna. Added benefits also include congestion relief, opening your pores to allow your skin to breathe, and getting a closer shave.

The last step of your shower is the most important. I like to finish off my showers with colder water. Try to make it as cold as you can. Your skin will be a lot happier in the end and your hair a lot shinier. Moisturize your skin immediately after stepping out. The longer you wait the less your skin will be able to absorb the much-needed moisture.


You might already know that over-washing your hair is a mistake, the same rule applies to your face. Most dermatologists will tell you that washing your face twice a day is enough. However, some people tend to make the mistake of using a cleanser that strips you of your moisture, resulting in dry, flaking skin and pre-mature wrinkles. Choose a cleanser that makes cleaning your face a pleasant experience. I like to pamper my dry skin with a gentle cleanser that has a milky or oil texture.

If you wear eye makeup, I highly recommend using a makeup remover first. Learn more on how the oil cleansing method helps your skin. PLANTED IN BEAUTY’s Purify + Condition Makeup Remover dissolves all traces of makeup and environmental debris, plus it is easy to use. Apply it to your eyes with a soft cotton pad, let it work its magic for a few seconds, then gently move the pad with a zig zag motion. Now you are ready to wash. For a soft and hydrated feeling, PLANTED IN BEAUTY’s Soothe + Soften Cleansing Emulsion certainly lives up to its name. While it is probably the most delicate and natural cleanser I have ever used, it has the powerful ability to wash away my makeup, sunscreen and city pollution.


To get the most out of your skincare products, apply a toner immediately after your face is freshly washed. I have noticed a big difference in my skin by acting quickly on application and by incorporating a toner in my skincare routine. Using a toner is an important step, allowing your skin to remain slightly damp, making it more permeable for your serums and moisturizers. Additionally, toners take care of any leftover makeup and oil residue. 

The perks of my job have allowed me to try many brands over the years, my favorites always end up being the ones that create natural and botanical skincare products. PLANTED IN BEAUTY’s Balance + Calming Toning Lotion balances the pH level of your skin while controlling excess oil and refines my pores. Skin-loving phytonutrients of Chamomile and Arnica help reduce any redness and provide our skin with anti-inflammatory benefits.


If you ignore the skin on your neck, do not be surprised if it ages quicker than your face. The rule is, whatever you do to your face, apply it to your neck as well. Try to apply your products moving your fingers upwards. I like to massage and take time to lightly pat my products in. This might seem silly however it is something I learned from my older relatives. Perking up your skin with the power of touch is a great way to increase circulation and helps your products absorb a lot more efficiently.

Your products should also be applied from the thinnest texture to the thickest. This usually means your serums go on first, then your moisturizers. Once you notice a brighter and healthier complexion, getting into the groove of a good skincare routine will be a lot easier.


The eye area is delicate and needs special attention. Did you know that compared to the rest of your face, the skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most susceptible to aging? Investing in a good eye cream is key. Gently dot a small amount of eye cream around your eyes and allow it to absorb. For further tips on how to maintain healthy eyes through a skincare regime, read this valuable advice

At the end of the day, our eyes get tired. My favorite way to soothe the eye area is with a DIY eye treatment. Chilled tea bags can do wonders for puffy eyes and dark circle relief. Doing this will feel like an at-home spa moment. Simply soak two tea bags, squeeze out the excess water, and let them cool in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. For best results use an herbal tea, such as chamomile for dark circles or green tea for puffy eyes.


We know sleep is vital for overall wellness and skin health. What more can you do besides getting enough hours of uninterrupted sleep? The answer is in your pillow case. Besides feeling luxurious, silk pillow cases allow your skin to remain smooth and your hair tangle free. The silk fabric reduces friction and doesn’t absorb oils and bacteria. It means less moisture will be taken from your skin. Throughout history, women have known that silk fabric is your beauty’s best friend for generations.

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