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Wellness Rituals, The Big & Small Ways Essential Oils Improve Your Life


The power of nature has a way of sneaking up on us; making us into believers. While I was in High School I fell in love with aromatherapy and its ability to transform my bath soak into a place of relaxation and ideas. Since then I have forgotten the special and natural power essential oils can insert into our lives. Sure, they appear in the spa meditation rooms or become a tranquil part of our spa treatments, but how do we go about using them in our personal lives? What I found later in life is that using essential oils for personal healing is a wellness experience worth trying. My research on the many different brands available has confirmed what I already knew -transparency and chemical-free ingredients matter above everything else. When chosen and used properly, essential oils can make you go from being a skeptic to devotee.

My approach to wellness is balance. While I am a believer in medicine and science, I also believe that natural remedies can give us a helping hand towards healing. Today, I use essential oils to help with menstrual pain (lavender and peppermint work miracles on cramps), headache relief and allergy relief.

These three brands are our favorite because they refuse to cut corners; using ingredients that are safe and effective.



Getting to know Twig + Petal roll-ons has been a unique experience. When I laid my eyes on the entire collection, it was the Headache Relief oil that caught my attention. The brand works with small batches, each batch is tested for quality, ensuring high standards. Twig + Petal farmers all over the world use centuries-old planting techniques that account for the most ideal growing conditions. The brand’s Founder, Tirzah Shirai, has had a life-long fondness for using essential oils, but it was not until she moved to the USA that she decided to launch her own line of products. Tirzah uses oils in her day-to-day life for sleep, headaches and energy boost for meetings. She tells me that her favorite way to oils is by diffusing them.

“When I moved to America from Canada. I discovered that Industry leaders in this market, had been found to be using synthetics and didn’t take shelf life in consideration”.  Diffusing is one of my favorite ways to use oils, its completely safe, in addition to medicinal properties it purifies the air”.

Twig & Petals collection is derived from plant matter, using only the strongest plants—those that have been forced to evolve and adapt to changing threats and environmental conditions. The results speak for themselves. These 100% organic roll-ons are impressively effective for my headaches (roll onto your forehead), sleep (apply to the back of your neck or your big toe) and mood/period cramp relief (apply to your abdomen. Plus they smell just heavenly.

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Not all essential oils and blends are made alike. The Founder of GuruNanda, Puneet “Guru” Nanda, is invested in being genuinely concerned for his customers. This shows in the innovative blends and ways you can diffuse the product, such as the Natural Mist Pluggy USB Wall Plug-In Diffuser. They are masters of making blends that help change the way you feel about essential oils. Below we talk essential oils safety, how they can improve our everyday lives and the efforts GuruNanda puts into brand integrity.

Where do you source your ingredients?
“I go farm to farm around the world – 17 locations, 40 different farmers in my farmers’ alliance. I do this to create a farm to you product without any middle man or adulteration. I go to the native country of origin for each oil so I get the best possible quality.”
What makes you stand out from other brands on the market?
Most other brands buy through distributors and wholesalers and the products are very standardized. With us, it’s direct farm to you – nothing added, nothing removed. We sell what mother earth produces. Most of these distributors are big perfume and flavor houses and standardization is a big part of their protocol. For them, it doesn’t matter if organic compound is added or removed because their ultimate goal is to get the right flavor or perfume (versus for us, we are looking to get the aromatic and therapeutical benefit of that particular essential oil.)
How can we use their oil blends to best enhance our lives? I personally use your plug-in diffuser on a daily basis with your various blends and LOVE it. 
We created these oil blends to best enhance lives in different ways. You can diffuse them to relax or stay clean, breath better, feel tranquil. Alternatively, you can put them in your personal care products (shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash). You can also use them in your bath (mixed with a carrier oil) to help relax.
How can we safely use essential oils around animals and children?
We are creating a new pet safe line that’s safe for children and animals. Many things aren’t safe for cat livers (lavandin isn’t safe and it’s being marketed by other brands as lavender because it smells the same, but it is not. This ingredient shouldn’t be used as a pet-friendly essential oil). At GuruNanda, we pride ourselves to be authentic and true to our words of what we are putting inside.”


Airomé reeled me in with their gorgeous diffusers but I remain loyal for the effective 100% pure, therapeutic-grade oils. When it comes to having an at-home spa experience in my bath or seeking practical pain relief for menstrual cramps, I ultimately reach for Airomé. I find their 100% all-natural essential oils help me relax and ease the pain when I need it most. In fact, using essential oils like Lavender and Peppermint oil for menstrual cramps (made worse by endometriosis) was my last resort. My personal experience with essential oils has made me into a believer. Ultimately, there is more to oils than the aromatherapy and odor-eliminating benefits. Try them for yourself.

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