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Self-Care Insiders: Life of a Startup CEO & Ayurvedic Rituals

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Stop, take time to taste, smell, feel and be in the moment. I believe in taking a healthy time-out for your wellbeing and so does the person in our next “Self-Care Insider” story.

Shadoh Punnapuzha is the Founder of Taïla Skincare. She left her career in private equity finance in order to take on the world of beauty with her wisdom of time honored science. The results: a non-toxic and gorgeous skincare line.

What does your typical skincare routine look like? 

 I am strapped for time, as I have my own business and a 21 month old baby boy, therefore my routine has to be quick and simple. At a risk of sounding like an advertisement, I use the entire Taïla line as my go to regimen. I created my collection sort of out of the need for a routine that suited me. I start with our cleanser, then mist with our moisturizing toner and end with a quick face massage using our face oil. The Prana Face Oil is my holy grail. Once or twice a week I do put on the NAVA JUNGOL Detoxifying Face Mask. About 2 to 3 times a week, I also rub the juice of lemon on my face and leave on for about 30 minutes which is great for exfoliation and brightening. I also take Turmeric and Omega supplements to support my skin (and to look younger!).

How do you practice self-care rituals in your life and how do you make sure your employees are happy and healthy at the same time?

I begin my day by drinking my greens with lemon. I have been doing this for almost 2 decades. I even have my little one loving the taste of it.  I try to find the time to workout at least 4 times a week. That is my ME time. Eating healthy is a huge part of my routine, of course I indulge but for the most part during the week I like to keep it clean and it is what energizes me.

Once a week I do massage my head with oil. It helps to calm the nervous system and promote healthy hair. My mom used to do this when I was child for my sister and me.

We used to dread it because we would have to sit still while she would apply and massage the oil into our hair but here I am now doing exactly what she did because it does wonders for my hair.

Working in a start up is stressful and many a times unpredictable but I always try to keep calm. I realize my behavior affects everyone else and I want our team to be able to understand how to react to daily circumstances. Nothing is the end of the world so you can’t take it so seriously and I make sure my employees understand that. There is no task that is too good for anyone, including me. We are all in this together.

The snacks we have in the office are pretty healthy and I am a big advocate of taking time to workout as I believe it has a direct effect on the mind and positive energy.

What are some Ayurvedic practices you recommend we incorporate into our lives in order to feed inner and outer beauty?  

Ayurveda believes that beauty is a byproduct of the balance of the mind and body. Stress can severely advance aging, therefore practicing meditation can really help to maintain a youthful complexion, even if it is for only 5-10 minutes.

Massage is given much emphasis in Ayurveda. Incorporating daily facial and body massages helps to increase circulation, calm the mind and help to stimulate cell regeneration. Exfoliation is also very important for revealing fresh healthy skin, you can simply use chickpea flour on your body or face as a cleanser.

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