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Best In Skincare, The Blooming Spring Edit

It is that time of the year again – East Coast girls leave their heavy creams behind, kicking up the sunscreen game and opting for lighter textures in their beauty repertoire. All of the sudden we see new possibilities, nature awakening and start the process of spring cleaning.

To get my skin-spring ready, I consulted with a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Amy Perlmutter. She graciously explained the basic skin aging process from our 20s to our 60s. For further help with ingredients and wellness, I went to my favorite skincare guru, Gabriel De Santino.

How should we approach aging in respect to our skincare routines?

Age truly is nothing but a number, but you should prioritize your skin no matter how old you are.

When it comes to your skincare and makeup routines, it’s important to remember that it’s all about correcting rather than covering up — this is the mantra you should adhere to at every age. The goal is to bring out your natural existing beauty.

Nutrition and exercise are also key contributors to your overall wellness and will directly impact the condition of your skin. It’s important to take a holistic approach and focus on healthy living, especially as we age.

What are the best ingredients and types of products to use in your 30s?

When you hit your 30s, it’s definitely time to take your skin seriously. If you’ve neglected your skincare routine in the past, now is the time to change up your mindset — your 30s can be filled with stress, life events (like pregnancy), and hormonal swings that can damage your skin. Your skin doesn’t repair itself as quickly as it did in your 20s, and new skin issues can present themselves. Think dark spots, acne scars, and fine lines that were never there before. But there’s no need to get overwhelmed — sticking to a routine will keep your face clear and glowing.

What are some basics to know about skincare for every age?

The key is to understand your skin type and really tailor the products you use toward the specific issues you’re facing, whether they are acne, wrinkles, etc. Your morning routine should be all about protection and include sunscreen, while your nighttime routine should focus on rejuvenation and include a clarifying mask several times a week to absorb all the toxins out of your skin. Consistency and clean ingredients are crucial — look for a good cleanser, tonic, and serum that works for combination skin and features calming, natural ingredients like seaweed, rosemary, kelp, aloe vera, vitamin E, and sea fennel. If you want to start using anti-aging products, focus on the delicate areas of your face — like the eyes, lips, and neck — which show signs of aging first. And remember to get your beauty sleep! Your skin repairs itself at night, so a full eight hours will help to improve your complexion.

Explore these options from a round-up of products I am reaching for right now.

OZNATURALS Vitamin C Cleanser is just what the doctor ordered. This natural face wash is ideal for getting your skin springtime ready. Besides using the anti-aging benefits of Vitamin C, the wash helps stimulate exfoliation, leaving your skin smooth and clean.

The Founder of Circcell, Maya Crothers, knows all about weather related skincare issues. In the winter my skin is very dry but once the heat hits the city, my skin becomes problematic. Being a big fan of facial oils, I would hate to give them up in the spring and summer. Circcell’s Extraordinary Face Oil for Oily and Problematic Skin has become a special and welcomed addition to my skincare routine. I use it on days my skin feels more oily than dry. The texture is silky and non-greasy, leaving my skin feeling smooth, glowy and clear.

Pixi Rose Oil Blend has become one of my favorite products for winter and summer. I enjoy a good product with the rose ingredient. When applying, cup your nose and enjoy the scent, then lightly press it onto your skin. Adding it to your foundation or moisturizer guarantees glow and elasticity. Its restoring and rejuvenating benefits make it my go-to for spring. I am reaching for it every day.

Sustainable Youth® had me at aloe vera. Growing strong and healthy aloe plants is a tradition in my family. If you love light textures and a potent product (who doesn’t) this Super Boost Night Serum is for you. This brand has perfected the natural anti-aging benefits of aloe vera without using harsh ingredients. The texture and feeling is springtime perfection. Little goes a long way, but I can’t get enough of it.

Gabriel Advanced Polypeptides Searum has become a precious addition to my routine for its pleasurable light texture and ability to protect my skin from environmental damage. A city girl needs this sort of product. This is my daytime serum on days my skin feels dry. Apply it before your moisturizer and follow with the Sea Mineral Hydra Mist. In addition, I like to put my facial mists in the refrigerator and use them throughout the day for skin or makeup refresher. It is awakening.

Saian Natural Clinical Skincare Hydrating Cellulosic Masks make it into my routine on special occasions. If I have an event or just had a peel, I can count on this professional mask to gently soothe my skin, taking care of any fine lines or wrinkles in the process. Everything Saian makes is special. The products just work. Put your mask in the refrigerator and enjoy the at-home spa treatment.

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