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11 Best Brands To Help You Make The Switch to Natural Makeup

While the idea of healthier beauty is a romantic one, switching to toxic-free makeup is not always an easy transition. Makeup lovers everywhere are used to their trusty brands and routines. Education about brand ingredients and practices is key. Whenever someone asks me what brand they should try, I tell them to start the process by visiting a shop in person. You should test out a palette of colors that might suit you. I do have personal favorites but I aim to keep an open mind when giving advice to others. Begin with one brand; purchasing a new lip or nail color. Today the market is flowing with natural and organic brands that provide striking colors and beautiful packaging. Choose beauty that does not compromise your health. Open up your wallet to brands that cares about you.

SOCIAL PAINT for lip gloss

rms beauty for your face, lips and cheeks

Pinch of Colour for the perfect red lip

au NATURALE lots of options for your entire face

Kanai nail color

Ere Perez for your face, cheeks, eyes and lips

Kjaer Weis certified organic for your entire face

Londontown nail color

lilah b. cute packaging for your entire face

ZOYA nail color

ILIA for fresh and natural colors

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