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5 Steps To Getting a Naturally Healthy Glow This Summer

Main Image: Liz Benn by John Rawlings

Every summer I approach beauty with a new kind of fascination. Many think wintertime is the best time for adventurous beauty, but I believe summer is ideal for playing with your skincare and makeup. Whether it is trying on a brighter eyeshadow or daring to go completely makeup-free, we become a lot more innovative on a hot summer night. This is reflected in what is plucked from the skincare shelves. Face mists and spa-bought body scrubs are a favorite of mine. This summer, I am focusing on healthy skin. While I continue to chase the glow, I will not be getting it from the sun. I chose to get it naturally, safely with tips and tricks of my own.


Where would our skin be without a proper clay mask? Clay masks save our skin when it is overworked and just plain stubborn. The first step towards glowy skin is cleanliness. You might think you need to make time for a mask, but I often put it on and multitask. (Although, I do think we should all grant ourselves at least ten minutes for self-care.) For my summer routine, I entrust my skin to Gabriel de Santino and his natural products. What better way to treat your skin than with a brand that is inspired by the sea. Gabriel’s Sea Clay Purifying Mud Mask pulls out impurities with its mineral-rich clay and soothes your skin with ingredients like seaweed and aloe vera. This product works overtime, treating and healing all at the same time.

Sanitas Brightening Peel Pads


Your very own summer glow is calling, and the best way to obtain is with a peel. Sanitas knows a thing or two about giving your skin the extra oomph it needs. A gentle peel is the quickest way to ensure radiance before you go to that important summer event. While at-home peels are not as strong as in-office ones, remember to wear sunscreen and try to shield from the sun. Sanita’s professional strength Brightening Peel Pads are current go-to. They are top shelf. This product is all about the brightness, toned skin, exfoliation and radiance. There is no down-time or redness. Just a swipe of their peel pad, let it dry and apply the rest of your skincare routine. Once you peel, your makeup will go on a lot more smoothly. You might decide to skip makeup altogether. Don’t forget your neck and décolleté. 


The most refreshing trick to a natural glow is a face mist. While you work your way through the steps of your skincare routine, mist first, mist in the middle and then mist some more. Gabriel Organics Sea Mineral Hydra Mist has me misting all day. This product is a god-send for tired skin. The mist will tone, refresh and hydrate even the most temperamental complexion.

comfort zone Body Strategist Scrub


Treat your body to at-home spa products, like comfort zone. Their professional products are trusted by spas and wellness centers, so you can be sure they work. Get your body polished to perfection with their selection of scrubs. The Body Strategist Scrub is especially effective for getting you summer ready. To get you in the spa mood try using it in combination with a Bump It Off easy to use silicone sleeve. I use these sleeves for everything and anything around my home, but I especially love using it as a gentle skin massager and exfoliator. Combining it with a spa scrub guarantees silky skin.


If you still crave a bit of color, try a subtle glow that will not leave you looking orange. Look for products that moisturize or include other beneficial ingredients, while developing a natural and gradual color. For the body, Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer is an editor favorite. This product has proven itself over and over and continues to be my favorite for the summer.

TAN-LUXE THE FACE Illuminating Self-Tan Drops

Face tanners can be a bit more tricky. Pick one depending on your skin type. These are the top choices for better ingredients and sunless face tanning.

Drunk Elephant’s D-Bronzi™ Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops

THE FACE Illuminating Self-Tan Drops

Coola’s Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Face Serum

Kate Somerville/Somerville360 Face Self Tanning Towelettes

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