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12 Best Finds From The Indie Beauty Expo

“The biggest highlight for me when it comes to IBE and BeautyX is always getting a chance to meet these beauty entrepreneurs face to face. They are the driving force behind this industry and every decision we make at IBMG aims to support them. It is so important to connect with brand founders in person- you get so much more out of that than you do by looking at a website or a brand deck. It was also such a treat to listen to Carol Hamilton’s conversation with our Claire McCormack during BeautyX– Carol is a legend and we were thrilled to welcome her back to BeautyX.” – Jillian Wright, Co-Founder of IBE

ANDA by Kerstin Florian

Everything Kerstin Florian makes is a home run. Spa beauty is known for its effectiveness and ANDA drew me in with their knowledge, as well as beautiful packaging.


Knours. understands that skin is associated with hormonal fluctuations. In order to create the ideal skincare line, this brand has collaborated with dermatologists, herbalists and tech experts. The results: clean beauty that is on a healthy skin mission.


OLVERUM is skincare with history behind it. We have an affinity for spa beauty and storytelling. This gorgeous line of oils comes from a family that believed in natural wellbeing and birthed the idea in 1931.


There are very few organic skincare lines that can say they have pioneered clean beauty. Erbaviva is from a farm to bottle kind of skincare line. Their line of products can be used by the whole family, including babies. This is brand you can trust and they have the certifications to prove it.

BLNCD Naturals

Beauty is all about rituals and inner, plus outer wellness. BLNCD’s Founders understand this and have created a luxury line of wellness products. The line includes CBD Oils, Body Care and Topicals. Their package and story was quite impressive.

Seaweed Bath Co.

The name says it all. Using the benefits of seaweed, the brand is naturally healing, especially for sensitive skin types. This line of products can be used by your entire family. We tried their shampoo and we are hooked.

hickey Lipstick

More than a lipstick! We can see this creation becoming a big deal. The colors are gorgeous and the packaging even more so. It’s all about accessorizing. We love that it is refillable, stylish and easy to take with you on-the-go.

Lucky Chick

Our search for the ideal matte and hydrating lipstick is over. The brand is made in New York and is free of parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sulfates, and gluten. The artistic selection of lipsticks and lip glosses was enough to make us stop in our tracks.

Lord & Berry

Lord & Berry is a chic makeup atelier in Milan. Think of this line as your access to runway beauty. The professional formulation and quality leaves us wanting more.

Bra In A Box

Imagine the comfort of going braless? For those who loathe bras, the Bra in a Box is for you. The idea comes from traditional pasties. The improved version is reusable, thinner, made from solid silicone and lays flush with the skin.


When it comes to improving products meant for women’s health and the environment, we have a long way to go. Blume is surely doing their part. They have given us products that are sustainable, as well as easy to understand and use for teens.

The Hello Cup

Speaking of sustainable periods. The Hello Cup is said to be the world’s most comfortable menstruation cup, made from medical grade plastic from Germany. The concept is simple and safe. Use it instead of your tampon and save money in the process.

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