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Full Moon Beauty For Your Inner Moon Child

Do you own a telescope? Do you ask questions like: “Why are we here?”, “What possible mysterious can we find in the universe?” and “How can I get an even closer shot of the moon?”, then you might be a moon child.

If you are drawn to the moon and its natural power then you most likely pay close attention to the lunar calendar. Tonight’s Harvest Moon, started Friday the 13th however it reaches peak fullness this weekend. So look up! Whether you are gazing at the moon or plan on practicing self-care, the magnificent sight of the full moon teaches us to stop and pay attention to the beauty of our universe. That’s mindfulness.

Enjoy this moon inspired round-up of out of this world beauty products to accompany you in your quest to be present.

  1. No one can argue that clinical and spa beauty provides the best results of ultimate skincare glow and health. Farmhouse Fresh Moon Dip Back To Youth Body Mousse smells and feels so luscious that I hope I never reach the end of its glass jar. As a well-known face and body oil aficionado, becoming obsessed with a body cream speaks volumes. I became aware of Farmhouse Fresh products at this year’s iSpa press preview event. The scent is indescribable and the texture light as a cloud. It is fluffy, anti-aging, magical perfection. The kind of cream your body deserves every night, but especially on a night of the full moon.
  2. This lift-from-within glow product, made exclusively by Scentbird is your ideal sleep mask for nights when things might get spiritual. The Moonstone Hydrating Sleep Mask contains crushed moonstone crystals. Once applied, you might feel like an otherwordly goddess. What are the benefits you say? Besides a radiant glow, the mask is pillow-proof and hydrating, but the real result is supple skin worthy of a moon goddess.
  3. Full moon worshipers are all about the bath soak. Water is therapy, it relaxes the mind and the body. Spa and bath culture of the past has had this therapy right all along. What better way to nudge the relaxation process than with Himalayan sea salts. Whatever kind of bath soak you choose to take, always pay attention to ingredients. Whatever you put on your skin, absorbs into the bloodstream. If you love Himalayan salt rooms and lamps, you already know the benefits. Way of Will Himalayan Salt is harvested from ancient salt beds in Nepal. Combined with essential oils, this muscle soak allows for circulation and sore muscle relief. A real at-home spa experience.
  4. 3rd Ritual MOON botanical body lotion is exactly what you might expect from the name – it is botanical skincare tool for better a self-care ritual. Using Moon means to savor and truly feel the moment between the time you end your day and slip into quiet slumber. Think of it as a charcoal mask for your body. Carefully selected ingredients, such as; evening primrose oil, activated charcoal and moonstone extract, make this product different and well-thought-out. Activated charcoal gives the skin a matte finish, instead of shiny or oily, helping draw out any bacteria. Use when you are ready to slow down and soothe your skin or on your clean skin after exercise.

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