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Yes, Take A Mental Health Day

From the moment you wake up, to the moment you drift off to sleep, making time for your wellbeing is a decision we all struggle with. This is our love letter in defense of the “Mental Health Day” – a day where you focus on you and decide to do whatever it is that helps you feel well.

It is not a secret that mental health is still very misunderstood. Studies have a long way to go before there are better treatments and anti-stigma campaigns. We are advocating for taking a mental health day and we hope you advocate for yourself as well. After all, suffering from depression or anxiety can be a disability. Spending time on self-care should not be looked at as a luxury, especially when it stands between you and your wellbeing. Maybe you are not a sufferer of mental health issues, maybe you are just having a tough week. No judgments here. We say, take a day if you need to. You can’t pour from an empty cup. That’s a fact.

We are forever on a journey of finding wellness. Whether it is through exploration of spas, treatments, nature retreats or skincare, but sometimes you just want to stay at home. We rounded up ways to relax and practice self-care that is all about blissful relaxation.

Moodbeli Bliss Booster – Explore Ancient Tonic Botanicals & Yummy Drinks

Morning wellness routine can help with structure and comfort. This is especially true when the routine tastes like chocolate. Since we got to know Moodbeli’s Bliss Booster, we just can’t stop putting it in our morning coffee and oatmeal. It makes a sweet and natural treat. The cayenne-spiked raw cacao ingredient provides a pleasant and unique taste, while the maca root blend helps you perk up. Our mood is instantly spiked, in a good way. Think of it as a natural mood elevator. On days when even one day at a time seems too scary, try one small healthy action at a time.

Moodbeli does recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any herbal products.

OLVERUM Bath Oil – Become a Spa Beauty Devotee

According to scientific studies, being near water is good for our mental health. The next best thing to the sea, is a bath soak. The benefits of water therapy are endless (better sleep, blood circulation, heart health, muscle pain relief, better mood, and more). It is no wonder that soothing the mind and body with a tranquil bath is one of the top ways to practice self-care. When it comes to at-home spa products, we know what we are talking about. OLVERUM’s divine bath oil makes the cut. This special brand has a rich history of wellness. The Founders of OLVERUM, Franz and Edith Klein, understood the therapeutic effects of spa and spa products. Their natural creations gained a cult following and it is easy to see why. The Bath Oil smells like a herbal remedy. Putting it in your bath is sure to restore and calm you, so you can feel like yourself again.

Headleveler pillow – Seek Comfort

Stress and depression can have uncomfortable physical effects, such as lack of sleep and muscle pain. When we stress out, we hold tension in our shoulders, neck and back. Relieving that physical tension can feel really zen. Imagine laying down on a hypo-allergenic pillow that is custom-made to your sleep and relaxation needs. Sleep plays one of the most important factors in your mental health and that makes the Headleveler worth your investment. We tested the Headleveler and their made-to-measure experience for shoulder pain relief, sleep, even for better sitting posture during meditation is unparalleled. The dreamy pillow test was a success in all three. The Headleveler website helps you figure out the ideal pillow for you: depending on your height, weight, mattress type and preferred sleeping positions.

plusOne – Invite Pleasure Into Your Me Time

Healthy sex and masturbation are a natural part of life, yet it is rarely described as self-care. With the right partner, sex can improve your health – physically and emotionally. It is a real mood elevator. So is masturbation. This is why PlusOne brings affordable and quality toys to the masses (available at Target, Walmart and on Amazon). Their simple, yet effective, soft body safe silicone line of products will not only wow you but might help you realize how sexual wellness plays a role in your overall wellbeing. We always say that the pleasure of spas and wellness should not be a luxury, reserved for a privileged few. We feel the same way about different kinds of pleasure. What better way to spend your me-time than with a personal massager. Looking for your first toy? The their easy to use Personal Massager, Vibrating Bullet or Dual Vibrating Massager. Did we mention they are waterproof? We are proudly keeping these massagers in our self-care arsenal.

Black & White Photography by Edward Weston, courtesy of Taschen

NOTE: As always, seek out a professional doctor for your mental and physical health needs. None of these opinions or suggestions are meant to be used as medical advice. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, call 1-800-273-8255.

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