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Detox Your Makeup Routine: 9 Modern and Clean Makeup Brands

This is the era of must-have clean makeup brands with a gorgeous range of pigmented colors and silky foundations. No longer will we accept excuses, such as; clean beauty cannot achieve the kind of pigment guaranteed by well-known luxury brands and clean makeup is not quality. Those statements are simply untrue.

Meet your new favorite makeup brands for all ages. Let’s make this the clean beauty generation that refused to stop fighting for safer products.

(In order to detox your makeup routine, you must pay close attention to ingredients. Cultivated shows you how to shop green beauty (skincare and makeup) HERE, however if you are still unsure, visit the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database for their list of clean brands and safety ratings. )


The Organic Skin Co. Primp N’ Prime – Primers might seem like an unnecessary step but the right primer can make all the difference between dull and glowing. A primer guarantees that your makeup will go on a lot more smoothly and this one is free of nasty chemicals; The Organic Skin Co. impressed us with their commitment to stylish colors, sustainability and client wellbeing.

Ilia has always balanced safety with performance – they are the masters of clean makeup. To begin your makeup routine detox, start with a quality foundation. Ilia’s True Skin Serum Foundation gives your skin light to medium coverage and if you are a fan of the “no makeup makeup look” this product is your best bet.

We might be biased because of our undying love of face oils but Kosas Tinted Face Oil is a foundation dream. This product is breathable, hydrating and minimizes pores. The luminous elixir combines the triple power of a serum, moisturizer and foundation.


Perfect lashes start with a good eyelash curler. Tarte’s ergonomically designed Eyelash Curler is painless and easy to use. Tarte has been on our radar for years as a brand that cares about eliminating some toxic ingredients. Try their Creaseless Concealer for hiding under eye imperfections.

The Organic Skin Co. is our latest obsession. Their 8 Palette Station with refillable pods is the epitome of clean and modern beauty. Did we mention this is the sustainable way to do makeup? Choose from a range of vidid colors that come in charcoal, blush, or stone. Our palette consist of a lip or cheek combo, lively eyeshadows and a magic highlighter. Whatever you choose, each time you buy a product, The Organic Skin Co. plants a tree.

When it comes to fighting for safer products, Beauty Counter is front and center. You can trust in them. Their Volumizing Mascara demonstrates the effectiveness of clean beauty. This product uses the power of plant-derived ingredients and gives you the same old drama you look for in other brands.


Our lips require more moisture during the colder months and Biossance Rose Vegan Lip Balm launched just in time for Fall. The luxurious lip balm promises to hydrate and naturally plump your lips. The jelly texture is a pleasure to apply and gives your lips a hint of shine.

Lucky Chick is our newest go-to for a going out red lip. Our color is their Creamy Matte Lipstick in Courage and it is one of the most hydrating matte lipstick we have ever tried. While the color is perfection and gets us all the compliments, we feel safe knowing it is cruelty-free, Paraben Free, PEG Free, D-5 Free and Vegan Friendly.

Extra Lipstick Tips from Lucky Chick Founder, Stephanie Miklosvary:

Migrating lipstick is never a happy discovery when you imagined your lips as beautiful as when you applied your favorite product. There are several easy solutions to prevent feathering and migration.

Lip Liner: Exactly matching your lip liner color to your lip product color isn’t a necessity. Matching a color to your skin can serve as a nice bumper around the lips. It fills in the outer edges of the lips and prevents bleeding. A colored liner can also create a dramatic contrast making the lips stand out and appear fuller. 

Blotting: Blotting isn’t something just out of old Hollywood or what your grandmother did. This technique is a perfect way to coat the lips for long-lasting wear.  Apply the first coat of your lipstick, blot with a tissue and apply the second coat.  The first coat is a fabulous base that sits beneath the second layer and acts as your primer. 

Moisturizing: Use a non-drying lipstick to ensure treating your lips kindly throughout the day. Lucky Chick’s creamy formula with a blend of nourishing botanicals will continuously soften your lips. 

Make Beauty understands busy lives. The made in New York products are modern and meant to be multi-functional. Dew Pot – Lily is our favorite product and we just keep buying more. The beauty of this product is that it can be reapplied without caking and can create a subtle or a bold makeup look. Its youthful and buildable color makes it into our routine for day and nighttime makeup. If you love a raspberry lip and dewy cheeks, this is the color for you.

rms Beauty is a well known brand that is celebrating 10 years of clean beauty. This brand delivers the most beautiful range of pigments made with organic ingredients. While our makeup bag holds many rms products, our latest addiction is their Living Luminizer/Highlighter. Their lip & cheek combos are equally impressive. For a real makeup detox, head towards your local rms station right now.

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