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Talking With Blushingston’s CEO, Natasha Cornstein

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Blushington launched in 2011 and continues to invent ways to make our modern busy lives even better. While experiencing the company’s latest launch, TSA-approved shops in hotel lobbies, we became curious about the inner workings of Blushington and their work culture.

The company was founded by a woman, is run by a female CEO, effectively aids employees in building their careers and makes it a point to carry female-owned brands. It is clear that Blushington is an empowered sisterhood that enjoys propelling women’s careers.

Visiting Blushington’s two New York locations (Upper East Side and Midtown West) provided an insider look into a place that is more than hair and makeup. Blushington is a place of respite where you get to be pampered and therefore practice self-love. Blushington is known for their clean and glamorous aesthetic where the appointments never seem rushed and the professionals listen. Whether it is your wedding, an important date or just your lunch hour turned beauty hour, Blushington aims to please. Women already visit their local blow out bars for hair, why not makeup? We recommend throwing in a Dr. Schultz peel with your makeup treatment and walk out glowing.

Q & A with Blushington’s CEO, Natasha Cornestein

The beauty industry keeps changing and innovating. The business of beauty and has helped launch a lot more female CEOs, but we still have a long way to go. As Blushington’s CEO, tell me what the work culture is like and what makes it different from other businesses out there? 

NC: Our work culture is warm, supportive, highly entrepreneurial and also defined by passion, drive and high expectations. 

As an all women leadership team there is a strong emotional intelligence quotient that shapes our culture. Everyone has a voice at Blushington and we have zero tolerance for politics.

One of the aspects that I love the most is that we are nimble and open to taking risks.  We make decisions swiftly, we execute with precision and we measure everything we do.  When we fail, we take the learnings into the future and keep moving. These are some of the attributes that set our culture apart.

What would you say is Blushington’s most important mission?

NC: We are aligned around a shared vision to make our customers feel beautiful and confident in their daily lives.  We are committed to being a welcoming destination for customers of all ages and backgrounds.  

Internally our most important mission is to create economic advancement for our teams that are building their careers in makeup artistry, hair and esthetics. 

Why Blushington?

NC: Our Founder Stephi Maron has a “love affair” with London.  When she was choosing the name for the concept she created, she knew she wanted our name to evoke a destination.  She loves Kensington and blended Blush with the destination to create our brand Blushington!

Tell me more about the concept behind Blushington’s TSA-approved shop(s) and can we expect more of them to pop up in other hotels? 

NC: As an all female management team that regularly travels we all have experienced arriving at our destination only to find that our mascara dried out or we forgot our favorite lipstick or perhaps chipped a nail when wrestling with our suitcase.  Even in the finest of hotels there is a beauty desert for women on the road.  We created our TSA approved hotel concept out of necessity.  We plan to open additional locations at Loews properties around the country.

What are some smaller or indie and mainstream brands currently carried in your shops? 

NC: We have an amazing assortment of over 50+ indie brands, predominantly founded by women.  You can shop the complete list on our website  Some of the more recent additions include Nude Envie, PYT Beauty, Petite N Pretty and Sagely.  Our top selling brands include Erborian, Jouer and Tata Harper.

When it comes to deciding what products to carry, are ingredients and certifications important? Can we expect more clean beauty used and carried in Blushington shops?

NC: When we evaluate what products to carry our Founder Stephi Maron personally tests every single product and works with our teams of expert artists to rigorously test efficacy.  Ingredients and certifications are meaningful to our team and we are continuing to expand our assortment in this area.  Yes, you can expect to see expansion in the clean category.

Are there services that Blushington does not provide but might consider in the future? 

NC: We are always evaluating service additions, generally driven by customer feedback and their desire to take care of all of their beauty needs under the Blushington umbrella.  While makeup services are over 60% of our revenues, skin care services, lashes and dry hair styling are growing exponentially.   We are currently evaluating another hair service and we’ll keep you posted!

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