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Gift Guide: Unique Gifts For Beauty & Wellness Aficionados

It seems the whole world is falling in love with self-care. We could not be happier and more on board, but the overflow of products makes us wonder – Do we really need it all? We believe consumers are starting to tire of endless lists and shelves of brands that tell them these are the must-haves. Instead of giving you a list of products on everyone’s list and on everyone’s lips, we sing praises to those special creations that are truly worthy of savoring. They are researched, unique and rewarding to give. Some even pass a strict sustainability criteria. This list is tried-and-true by our editor, clean, and capable of stimulating the mind, body and soul.


Lola’s Apothecary – Not many brands can say that their products are created on a family estate. Lola’s Apothecary is handmade by artisans in a beautiful English Countryside of Devon. The collection strives to bring their clients unpretentious luxury, tranquility and natural wellness. We were wowed by their collection of roll-ons, but for a real gift, get them the exquisite Body & Massage Oils.

Cūrata – If you follow CULTIVATED, you already know about our love affair with CURATA. Their Aureo Multi-Radiance Oil is the epitome of slow beauty and the kind of multitasker (body, face, hair, bath) they will appreciate. The entire presentation and the product inside says you care. You will be gifting sustainable luxury.

OLVERUM – Gift Olverum to those who are well-traveled and enjoy spending hours in a day spa. Their unique blends have had a cult following among wellness and spa seekers since 1931. The brand’s reputation and quality has not wavered. This Bath Oil in particular makes an excellent gift idea for anyone who enjoys rare scents and bubble baths.


La Bouche Rouge – Once you own a lipstick from La Bouche Rouge, you will never want to own another. The Paris brand has a well-thought-out collection of luxury lipsticks with interchangeable and environmentally friendly cases. This is glamour and luxury they can keep for life. The stylish handmade leather cases provide you with the opportunity to simply refill your lipstick and never dispose of plastic tubes again.

The Organic Skin Co. – When sustainability and design collide, we get guilt-free beauty for the masses. The Organic Skin Co. has figured out a way to help us stay environmentally friendly and beautiful. No matter the individual, their selection of natural cheek and lip creams, cream eye shadows, concealers, and luminizers have you covered. Mixing and matching what you put in your refillable Pod Palette makes this product innovative and perfect for an eco traveler.

Hickey lipstick – We like to believe that refillable and interchangeable makeup holders are the future. Hickey lipstick wowed us with their polished design and long-lasting colors. The chain detail makes this an accessory as much as a lipstick. Each color is universally flattering and made with quality. Gift it to your most stylish friend.


Mileo New York – We like to keep singing praises to MILEO New York because the brand deserves it. The truly one-of-a-kind and clean face oils are sure to please even pickiest of your skincare obsessed friends. They will revel in the experience of using a face oil with fascinating scents and effective ingredients. This is skincare luxury at its finest.

Knours. – Not only is EWG Verified (which means you can trust their ingredients), but they really get to work on your skin during times of stress. Their kits aimed at your period, pregnancy and menopause handle your hormones like a hero. Knours. knows that whatever is going on your life gets reflected in your skin. For those looking for clean and balanced skin, this is the best gift you can give.

Taïla – Give them the opulence of Ayurveda inspired skincare. Taila uses the powerful botanical medicine that is Ayurveda while considering the modern needs of today. The entire skincare line can be trusted to be natural and clean. Save this one for your health conscious gift recipients looking for radiance and feeding their skin only the best ingredients.


Playing Card Decks – Challenge your brain with games and fun designs. Simple cards can be boring, but Playing Card Decks solves the problem with their vast selection of diverse illustrations and themes. The cards make a great conversation piece and provide a way for you to practice mindfulness. We want to collect them all.

Immortal Beloved! by Jade Dressler

“Stress Drop! Welcome bright color-ers, goddess gigglers, herstory-lovers and all other magical beings!”

Jade Dressler’s coloring book is more than just illustrations. The author takes you on a journey of twelve goddesses through her talent for storytelling. Holidays are stressful and that makes it the most ideal time to immerse yourself in the experience of staying present with a book. Share the gift of stress relief with others.

Moodbeli – Enjoying a purposeful and healthy drink, meant to enhance your wellness lifestyle, round-ups our list of gift ideas. Moodbeli helps you partake in ancient rituals and ingredients with delicious recipes using adaptogens, botanic & mushroom blends. For your wellness and nutrition loving friends, this will be the gift that keeps on giving.

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