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Travel Like a Pro: Foolproof Beauty Essentials

Zurich, Switzerland

Taking flight into foreign lands means you need the best skincare at your side. My short wellness getaway resulted in a red eye flight and exploration of three countries (Switzerland, Austria and Germany) in one week. How did my skin do? While I certainly experienced dryness on the flight, the problem was immediately remedied with my favorite essentials. These products mean business. Want to arrive bright-eyed and bushy tailed? Give these brands a go – you won’t be sorry.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. This means drink water but also find a few nourishing sheet masks to throw in your suitcase. While my philosophy on sheet masks is: use only before a big event (or when absolutely necessary), a red eye is an event in my book. I have tested out a lot of sheet masks in my career and these are the winners I chose for my trip.

After a sheet mask, hydrated and ready to go!

Leaders Cotton Sheet Masks are biodegradable (this is very important to me) and made with 100% natural cotton. All of their masks work wonders but when I want to arrive glowy and refreshed, I use their Anti-Aging Treatment Mask. I am in my late 30s and this mask just feels right for me because it provides results. It is packed with a full bottle of skin-soothing serum that promotes the production of collagen, while reducing the appearance of fine lines. I used it before I headed out the door. It might be trendy to use sheet masks on flights, but trust me, using it before you leave home is a lot less messy and works just fine.

Ona New York fell in my lap right before the trip. I was happy to see a mask made specifically for travel. While traveling, hydration is the number one skincare concern. The Airplane Mode Intense Hydration Gel Mask replenishes the skin moisture barrier (very important) and prevents hydration loss. It can’t be stressed enough – hydrating your skin is the most foolproof antidote for your skincare travel woes. This mask has two parts so you can choose the whole mask or use it on the part of your face that needs it most.

Knours. Sweet Enough Rescue Sheet Mask

Knours. is known for their ability to aid your skin during times of hormonal changes. Whatever happens on the inside, will likely reflect on the outside. I happened to go on my trip right before my monthly menstrual cycle and therefore, Knours. Sweet Enough Rescue Mask was the best choice to pack in with the rest of my skincare arsenal. I used it mid-trip and it helped with dryness and skin irritation. The mask feels really luxurious.


Facial Sprays are a travel must-have. They are quick to use, refreshing, hydrating, and even help you set your makeup. My all time favorite face spray is the Avène Thermal Spring Water Mist. This spray never fails me. The travel size is easy to bring on the flight. It calms my skin and almost immediately gets rid of flaky skin and any dryness.

A sleeping mask is a travel essential we can all agree on. My tip for choosing the right in-flight sleep mask is finding one that does not touch your eyes. Look for a design that cups the skin around your eyes instead. This prevents your eye makeup from getting smudged and the fabric is not obtrusive. An ideal mask should be lightweight and block out light. I went for this Mzoo Mask found on Amazon, and it delivered on all claims.

When it comes to using skincare treatments in-flight, I opt for Skyn Iceland’s Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. These babies really work. Skyn Iceland makes it their business to take care of tired skin. They are easy to use. Put them on 10 minutes before you land and you’ll see a big difference. Who cares what you look like to your fellow passengers.


In order to keep your skin breakout-free during travel – always wash your face. Even if you feel tired and sleepy, washing your face will feel soothing and you’ll thank yourself the next day. If you are wearing a lot of makeup, I don’t condone using wipes alone, but the right ones can help you cut down on cleansing time. Pre-moistened wipes can be a god sent during travel. They help you fix makeup mistakes, gently remove pollution from your face, and in an emergency you can use them as hand wipes. C’est MOI Makeup Wipes wowed me with how gentle the wipes felt (they are made for teenage skin) and how efficiently they removed my mascara. I’ll be taking these on future trips.

Care Eye & Lip Nourishing Cream took care of the flakiness around my lips (I get eczema in this area) and eyes. I spent time in the Austrian mountains, the cold air and high altitude was no contender against this cream. The weight and size of the product makes it ideal for travel. This little tub contains all the essential ingredients needed for travel: peptides, hyaluronic acid and caffeine.

What more can I say about Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask that has not been said already. It is a cult favorite for a reason. Do yourself a favor and run out to buy one right now. This product does it all. It provides the most beautiful glow when combined with your foundation, the cooling feel of the cream has helped soothe my face on the plane and when I needed it most (nausea on the train is no fun), and you can keep it on as an overnight treatment for stressed-out skin.

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