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The New Beauty Decade Will Be Cultivated & Clean

We hope you agree! Mysterious ingredients are so last decade.

If entering the new decade makes you want to clean up your act, start with a toxic-free deodorant. It’s one of the first products you reach for in the morning, making it the most cultivated, and healthiest, change. Let’s make this the year you switched to clean beauty and rid yourself of all things toxic.

For those who tried and failed, we say aluminum-free deodorants have become a lot more refined and the innovation continues. These deodorants really work. While every body is different and there is room for trial and error, switching to a healthier routine will help you and your body breathe. When we talk about self-care, we mean making educated choices. Imagine treating your body with the respect it deserves. This is a resolution you will not want to break.

Did you know that everything you put on your skin absorbs into the body and your bloodstream? The United States still fails to ban or regulate most toxic ingredients in beauty and hygiene products (11 ingredients are banned in the US, compared to 14,000 in Europe). This is a horrifying thought and needs to change. In the meantime, the shopper has to take matters into their own hands. Use our smart approach to shopping the market. The most sophisticated way to shop is by understanding labels and ingredients. In the meantime, may we present some of our favorites?

Deodorants We Love. They Truly Work.

Schmidt’s Deodorant, Plant and Mineral Powered Deodorant

Cleo & Coco Natural Deodorant, Charcoal and Magnesium Activated Deodorants
Freedom Deodorant, 100% Natural Deodorant Formulas

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