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Clean Lipsticks For Your Undying Love of the Red Lip

Axiology “Strength” Vegan & Natural Lip Color

Do you ever wonder where your lipstick goes when it seems to fade from your lips? The average lipstick wearer consumes anywhere between 7 to 9 pounds of lipstick over a lifetime. That alone makes us want to read the ingredients a lot more closely. Forget what you know about vegan and clean makeup of the past. We live in a time where you no longer have to compromise performance for non-toxic ingredients. These high-performance lipsticks happen to be rich with color, smooth and nourishing for your precious pout. We hate to play favorites, but when it comes to beauty, we prefer brands that made it their mission to care about safe ingredients.

A list of our favorites should start you on your way towards healthier beauty consumption.

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