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The Artist, The Writer & The Bavarian Philospher: Talking With Beatrix Ost

Was it the hair, the style, the otherworldliness, or the art? Beatirix Ost caught my eye and I had questions. This artist likes to wear many hats, but my admiration is not necessarily for the art (although it reflects everything she is), but for her ability to live a genuinely unapologetic life. Beatrix Ost (@beatrixost on Instagram) is an old world individual, one that does not conform to trends or society pressure. That being said, her wisdom and style seem to transcend all that. I image her fan demographic ranges in age. While I admit, I have not read any of her books, it is on my to do list. Her latest book, “The Philosopher’s Style”, further explores her artwork and storytelling abilities.

As an artist and writer, who grew up in Central Europe, I feel that I can connect with Beatrix. Truthfully, I am inspired by a fellow old soul. The takeaway? Dare to be authentic, explore all of your artistic abilities, and never mind your age. There is much to be learned from Beatrix Ost, I sincerely appreciated her willingness to share.

Q & A with Beatrix Ost

PK: As an artist and person in today’s society, how do you handle stress and/or practice self-care?

I’m often still during the day – In a state of meditation. I avoid chatter…

PK: In what areas your life has your German (Bavarian) upbringing influenced you the most?

My life as a child was my most solid fundament. After the war there was not much to get or buy, you had to create everything.

PK: You’ve taken on the art world, published three books and you continue to express yourself in different mediums. Is there something you haven’t done yet and would like to take on next?

I’m inside of the creative part of a movie project right now. I always have several flames burning and I cook delicious soups … I’m curious, always.

PK: Have you always sought out to express yourself through fashion and what influences you when you shop?

My personal style comes so natural to me and is pure joy, I’m always in my comfort zone. I love my wardrobe and enjoy being myself… it is very simplistic really!

PK: Your makeup looks are always flawless and shows off your character. Any thoughts on beauty in today’s society?

The most important things are your inner path – finding consensus within and without. I love rituals of getting into the day – tea and lipstick.

PK: What advice would you give to young artists?

Open your heart, your senses, your mind: Miracles are the most natural thing…

PK: What drives you to create and would you like the world to take away from your work?

It is a point of view that sees all and everything as a creative expression and be still and silent.

The most creative experience is often your

zone of discomfort – that’s your teacher!

All is one – whether you create, paint,

make soup or give a wonderful hour to

someone who needs you, just listen! 

Everything is there and direct at

your display… 

Main image by The New Potato

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