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Mind & Body Wellness: Kohler Water Spa Continues to Re-Invent The Spa Experience

Retreat For All Your Senses

Frequent spa visits might be a common pastime in Europe but for years now United States has been looking to catch up. As the demand for spa therapy rises, spas in the forefront of it all welcome curious new visitors every year. Kohler Water Spa and its destinations have helped pioneer spa education and the American spa experience. They provide a 5-star retreat. While the name Kohler Water Spa might signal hydrotherapy, Kohler spas do it all. They continue to find the right statistics on guest demands and invent new ways to pamper that guest. One of their newest services include sound meditation. The spa demonstrated the service last summer at iSPA’s Media Event – guests were able to enjoy a manicure treatment while shutting out the world with sound escape. This treatment would resonate with anyone who simply wants to relax without distractions, but especially with those who experience anxiety.

We believe everyone deserves to experience the benefits of spa and wellness treatments; Kohler Water Spa is the place to experience it. Read our Q & A with Kohler Water Spa’s Director, Nikki Miller.

Cultivated: How did Kohler Waters Spa begin its tradition in hydrotherapy?

Kohler company has been in the water experiential business for over 146 years.  We opened Kohler Waters Spa in 2000 as an authentic extension to The American Club resort, and we quickly became recognized as leaders in hydrotherapy.  Our tradition and specialty has always been about the healing power of water and experiencing that through our five senses. 

Cultivated: Can you share an insider tip for future visitors on getting the most out of their spa experience?

People can maximize the spa experience by arriving early, which helps in a few ways. Arriving 45 minutes prior to your first appointment will help reduce the stress of rushing to be on time, and it also allows guests to enjoy our customized hydrotherapy circuit, which is available to anyone who books a service at the spa. Itโ€™s a great way to maximize the benefits of a service and enhance your well-being while spending time in the spa.

Cultivated: How did you come up with the idea of sound therapy during nail treatments?

We are research sponsors with Global Wellness and they recently released information about the benefits of sound and vibration.  This resonated with us quickly as a great fit for the spa.  Its familiar territory because our Kohler Kitchen & Bath portfolio offers a nice range home bathing experiences, including a VirbrAcoustic hydrotherapy where you can hear and feel sound and music resonating throughout your body while you relax in the bath.  We recognized there was an opportunity to enhance the traditional manicure/pedicure experience and introducing sound therapy is a great fit.

Cultivated: What do you think wellness and spas can do to reach out to those who have never had a spa experience and what do you think wellness might look like in the future?

I think participating in your local community, proactively sharing stories about how easy it is to feel the benefits of a spa experience, and offering services outside of the spa in a social setting all help to grow awareness.  Hosting local events like yoga in the park or chair massages in the park definitely help expose new audiences to our people and offerings.

In my opinion, wellness in the future will be about connection; connection with self, loved ones and friends. I can already see the movement away from the theme of stress, that is the norm for people.

Now itโ€™s about YOU, personalized and customized experiences that touch your soul and connect with your inner needs.

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