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Bathing & Body Care Rituals: 6 Best Bar Soap We Love in 2020

What The World Needs Now Is Love And a Bar Soap

Soap is one of those essentials we can all agree on. No matter where you are from or how much money you make, a bar soap represents cleanliness and possibly a fresh start. Soap should not be a luxury, but some soaps are just too good you can’t help but indulge. Since we are washing our hands more than ever, the spotlight is on soap, and that makes bar soaps the best skincare product for 2020. In our humble opinion, bar soaps last longer than liquid soaps, they are certainly a lot more environmentally friendly, can be used for various purposes and they are aesthetically pleasing. What about sogginess, you say? Store your soap properly and see the difference. There is something satisfying about a new package of good old soap. It signals the beginning of a new ritual. Let’s open up a few of our recent favorites and tell you what they are.



Cūrata Beauty is a favorite brand around here and that makes their soap launch that much more exciting. Using Curata products is a sensory experience and these soaps are no different. The new foursome is all cold-pressed, handmade and vegan. Choose from: Indulge, Balance, Invigorate or Nourish. The sustainable brand’s Founder, Serena Rogers explains why she chose soap as her next product launch.

“Self-care and bathing rituals have been at the heart of Cūrata since day one. Bathing is a universal, timeless form of self-care and is a source of purification and renewal, and (re)connects the mind, body and spirit.”

She adds: “As we look to slowly and thoughtfully expand the Cūrata range, I felt these little beauties would be a great addition to the family, and offer a first/foundational layer to the fragrance and body care journey. Since our focus is always on botanical fragrance experiences, we carefully crafted three unique blends to stimulate your senses and transform bathing from a routine to a cherished ritual. From here, you can layer with AUREO and/or DULCEO.”

The soaps are so new, they are currently available in retail stores, but not on the website. If you find yourself in need of one or all of Curata’s soaps, the Founder tells us you can request them via chat on their site or any social page.


Joanna Vargas Ritual Bar

Joanna Vargas soaps are made with a purpose. The Ritual green tea soap does more than just clean. It wakes up your skin. For a full body makeover, use this soap in combination with dry brushing. We are loving this soap for a more extensive morning routine. In order to get glowing skin you have to stimulate new cell growth and this soap does exactly that. The experience is energizing and afterwards your skin will look and feel smooth, as well as invigorated.


Naturacentric is one of those romantic brands that make you want to escape into nature and start making your own herbal remedies. They have twelve types of soaps to choose from and you will want them all. The all-natural soaps are almost too pretty to use, but we had no choice but to test them. Since charcoal soaps hold a special place in our hearts, the Heart Shaped Charcoal Rose Soap came out on top as a favorite. The moisturizing power of shea butter, mixed with activated charcoal for detox, makes this soap ideal for much-needed pore-purging. It is both gentle and deeply cleaning. If you have a future party planned and need ideas for useful favors, Naturacentric should be your automatic go-to. You would be supporting a small business, owned by a woman, and a brand that truly believes in clean living.


In the mood for something citrus? We have never seen a soap last as long as this Beautycounter Citrus Mimosa Body Bar. For a refreshing morning and a soap that really lathers up, try giving it a go. If you worry about dry skin or overpowering smells, this soap gets a lot of positive reviews for being non-drying with a subtle scent. We would have to agree. The refreshing feeling seems to stay with you all day long Beautycounter is a well-known fighter in the clean beauty revolution, and for that, we bow down to their hardworking Board of Directors.


Cleo & Coco Natural Bar Soap

Cleo & Coco has had a recent makeover, and this delicious smelling soap is still waiting for its reveal. In the meantime, you can shop it on Amazon. As far as charcoal soaps go, this one is hovering at the top of the favorite list. We love a good multitasking product. Not only can you use it on both your face and body, it has the additional ability to work as an underarm detox. Combine it with Cleo & Coco’s popular deodorant and you’re well on your way towards a healthier hygiene routine.



Erno Laszlo Phelityl Cleansing Bar is a gentle cleansing soap for the face. This luscious soap leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, without drying it out. Withstanding the test of time, this luxury soap has been around since the 1930s. Marilyn Monroe, along with other starlets and socialites, used it to wash her face. Even today, Erno Laszlo soaps have a following like no other. Customers stay devoted to this product for a reason. It is proven to cleanse like no other, it is moisturizing, and some users claim it keeps their wrinkles at bay. The brand recommended you splash your face with cool water at least 20 times after use. If you think that’s excessive, Marilyn had to do 30 splashes.

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