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Earth Day 2020: Winners of The Best Sustainable Beauty & Wellness Brands On the Market

While 2020 has been in disarray, the slow down among humans has been a gift to Mother Nature. Earth is experiencing less pollution and movement due to lack of travel. This is the time appreciate our health, our bodies and escapes into the natural world. When it comes to making smart purchases that are good for us and the planet, beauty and wellness aficionados have lot more options to chose from. These are the brands we noticed doing the extra work to be sustainable, and added them to our favorites for a life well lived.

Antonym Cheek Crush


Antonym Cosmetics has succeeded in making high quality makeup that is both cruelty-free and natural. Their unique eco-friendly packaging ketches the eye, but the product inside is the real winner. While the highly pigmented colors are certainly there, this makeup is for natural beauties who dislike cakey makeup. Instead of covering your face, Antonym helps you enhance what you already have. We tested the Baked Highlighting Blush in Cheek Crush and we are impressed. It is our belief that this blush and highlighter in one will make anyone feel extra pretty.

Axiology prides themselves on being 100% evil-free. This means you won’t find any toxins in their products. The motto of this brand is to do no harm to you, animals or the planet. This brand is really dedicated to doing the right thing for beauty. Their lipsticks contain only 10 ingredients and we hear there is a zero-waste collection launching on Earth Day (that’s tomorrow, April 22nd). Can’t wait!

The Organic Skin Co. proves the future is sustainable. We foresee more brands launching refillable products, less wasteful packaging and smarter multi-taskers. The all-natural brand sells makeup and skincare. Our favorite item has to be the refillable palette. Mix and match your cover up, eye shadows and lip colors. The plan is to keep the palette for a long while. In addition, we love the way this brand fights greenwashing.

Cosmydor Essential Care Rosemary


Put Cosmydor on your radar. The French artisanal brand is doing all the right things for your face and mother earth. In their own words: “It is foolish to make use of the benefits of Nature while continuing to devastate it through habit, greed or carelessness.” We just love that. Be on the lookout for hand creams, because everyone’s skin needs it right now. Our next essential purchase will be the E/5 Essential Care Rosemary hand and face cream.

REN Clean Skincare packages their products with planet health in mind. The brand continues to innovate new ways to be even more environmentally friendly. In fact, REN pledged to go 100% waste free by 2021. Clean skincare and clean planet, what’s not to love?

Summer Friday’s empty, ready for recycling

Summer Fridays takes their time with each launch, and it’s always worth the wait. We just can’t enough of the original Jet Lag Mask. That is why it makes us happy to know that you can send in your used tubes. We say do the right thing anyway, but when you collect 5 to send back, their Recycling Program promises to send you a free mini Jet Lag Mask. Now that’s a deal for your skin and the planet.

Curata Bar Soap


Cūrata knows how to make an inspiring statement with each product and packaging. The brand understand that a modern woman requires sustainable luxury. All the packaging is artsy and elegant, while the products are simply unique. We love lathering up with their latest soap launch. Bar soaps are certainly making a comeback and this brand comes very highly recommended, by us.

Blissoma botanical beauty made our list because they keep production in-house and purchase their ingredients from local farms. Their relationship with skincare is sacred and the brand just refuses to put their integrity into someone else’s hands. The independence of this brand is quite inspiring. Reward them for their honesty and transparency by switching your routine to cleaner and sustainable skincare.

Naturacentric offers a wide range of wellness and body care products, all eco-friendly and all created with love in California. If you want to send a family member or health care worker a wellness basket, try taking a look at the healthy options with this holistic brand. We tried the Wellness Elixir and can’t stop putting it in our drinks.

Image by Aveda


Aveda is celebrating their 30th Earth Month anniversary. Known as one of the most eco-friendly beauty brands out there, they continue to find new ways to help the planet. For example, they were the first beauty company to manufacture its products using 100% wind power. This April, Aveda is piloting a carbon-neutral delivery program, offsetting carbon emissions generated by delivering orders placed on and shipped within the United States. Online shopping has escalated due to all non-essential business being closed and this is the kind of effort the planet needs right now.

Seychelles Haircare is doing their part to fight climate change. The brand’s non-toxic hair care products get bottled in recycled plastic. We love the Founder’s (Sarah Piaget) passion for clean hair care, which is still a rarity on the clean beauty market. For instantly smooth and shiny hair, you have to try the Damage Repair Argan Oil Treatment. You won’t regret it.

By Humankind teaches us that we can take things even further and strive for less plastic waste. This brand has real enthusiasm to educate the world about the plastic crisis. If you want to do more, and make your life a little more eco-friendly, shop for shampoo and conditioner bars. All the personal care products can be refilled. Imagine fighting plastic waste by simply getting ready in the morning.

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