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Best Face Masks On The Market From Brands That Do Their Part For The Community

Image via KES

Donning a mask shows that you are educated on the Covid-19 spread and have chosen to do your part in keeping everyone (not just yourself) safe and healthy from an invisible virus. The history of surgical and non-surgical masks tells us that in the scientific and civilized society, masks play a big part in practicing effective hygiene etiquette. There is a reason your doctor puts on gloves and a mask before treating you. Doctors and nurses, as far back as the late 1800’s, realized that a masks helps reduce surgical sepsis. During the same time, doctors realized that a simple conversation could spread certain diseases through uncontrolled droplets. A mask controls those droplets; you’re simply keeping them to yourself.

While wearing a mask is a minor inconvenience, especially when considering the potential of irreversible results of not wearing one, it can also be quite uncomfortable. The warmer months will make mask wearing even more of a chore. These masks are (dare we say) stylish, made from comfortable fabrics, and some were even tested by yours truly. Love you New York!

KES NYC Silk Face Mask

KES NYC $12-21 + One Free Donation

KES is a New York City fashion brand that was on our radar early into the pandemic. It is one of my favorite masks in the rotation (yes, there is a rotation) because silk is better for sensitive skin. Since this is a sustainable brand, and selling one + donating one to a health care worker, putting them on our list was a no-brainer. Plus, they quickly and kindly helped me get a mask to my sister working in one of New York’s hospitals. There is a pocket inside for a filter, which can be just a simple coffee or thick tissue paper.

SwaddleDesigns Polka Dots 2-Layer Cotton Fabric Facemask

SwaddleDesigns $12

If you thought a company named SwaddleDesign would provide the softest mask out there, you would be right. While this is non-medical mask, it is designed by a nurse. As most masks should be, it is designed to filter airborne particles. This mask is made from 2-layers of USA Cotton Flannel, making it soft, lightweight and breathable. Get it now, it’s on sale.

Reformation Reusable Masks With Ties

Reformation $25

Reformation prides themselves on sustainability and transparency. When you shop for a mask, you get 5X Masks in assorted colors and prints for $25. While you don’t get to choose what your mask looks like, we say that’s a pretty good deal. If you’re a Reformation fan, you can likely guess what your masks look like. They might even match with the rest of your Reformation wardrobe.

Stephen Kenn Vintage Military Fabric Mask

Stephen Kenn $36

If you’re a fan of military shops, look no further. Just like the rest of Stephen Ken’s collection, the masks are made from recycled materials of vintage military canvas. This is one of the most unique masks out there. The durable mask is made from vintage military canvas, and the internal layer is soft black cotton canvas. Inside is a zipper pouch for a filter of your choice. They are made in the USA, and each purchase guarantees a donation to an essential worker.

Collina Strada Fashion Face Mask With Bows

Collina Strada $100

Collina Strada shows you how to make your own stylish mask, but if you have some money to spend, their current mask selection is quite fabulous. We love this New York brand for their authenticity and sustainable practices. While the current masks available do have a higher price tag, don’t let that stop you from reaching out and asking for help with getting a mask. If you do make a purchase, you will be providing 5 masks to healthcare workers in New York City. Can’t wait to see what else they come up with.

LingerinaZILINA Navy Blue Silk Face Mask on Etsy


Etsy has once again proved to be the place to find the most beautiful and creative masks. Love the creativity everyone is putting in keeping the community safe. This might be my second silk mask purchase. Zilina’s shop creates these in various colors, in 100% silk and the shipping is free. Get one before everyone finds out about it.

Billie Blooms Sassy Non-Medical Cloth Mask

Billie Blooms $20

When it comes to genuine efforts to help your community, Billie Blooms is already ahead of a lot of fashion brands. Using natural fabrics and making their products in the USA just wasn’t enough for them. They wanted to help workers in the front lines, and contribute to Feeding America. This mask represents my love of lipstick. It is 100% cotton, has a pouch for a filter. Find out how you can help.

GIR: Get It Right Silicone Reusable Face Mask

GIR: Get It Right $15

These FDA and LFGB approved silicone face masks might not seem like a good idea in the warmer months, but you’ll be glad to have them on a rainy day. When you buy a mask, you are purchasing a kit: each kit contains 1 silicone mask + 5 filters. The mask can be used with your own filter just as well. In addition you can choose to purchase one kit and donate one. This is one of the more interesting designs out there, and worth looking into.

No mask on this list is a medical mask (some are made in accordance with the CDC), but please do wear one to help flatten the curve. Thank you.

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