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Talking Hair & Reinvention With Aveda’s Senior Vice President of Professional Global Artistry, Antoinette Beenders

“The Revolution of Reinvention” by Aveda

No one understands reinvention better than a hair artist. Even in lock down, we reinvent beauty according to our feelings, surroundings and experience. The crisis of today’s pandemic calls for unwavering beauty and expression. Aveda’s Senior Vice President of Professional Global Artistry, Antoinette Beenders, captures the spirit of rebellious women with perfection. She gives us a fresh new take on defiant beauty and what she calls “Youthquake”. More and more we see our youth rallying to take charge, especially when it comes to climate change. Aveda SS20 creative collection, The Revolution of Reinvention, is a combination of punk, teddy girl, and 1950s French New Look. The women and men of past sub-culture and reinvention.

Our Q & A with Antoinette Beenders takes a closer look at this award-winning hair stylist’s career with Aveda. The visionary explains how a new collection gets to be born, plus she gives us quarantine hair tips.

Cultivated: I read that you started working with Aveda in 1997. What made you stick with Aveda all those years and how does the brand align with your own beauty and ethical beliefs? 

AB: I was head hunted by Horst Rechelbacher (founder Aveda) in 1997 and when we met I knew instantly that his beliefs and company complimented my personal thinking and that I had the opportunity to learn more about naturally derived products, social responsibility, add my skills and creativity and build a future together.

I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and since then have evolved with the company and together we create new opportunities and face challenges and it has been a beautiful marriage for all these years

Cultivated: Since the pandemic, the world of beauty and fashion has started to re-evaluate consumerism and sustainability. Do you think people (especially youth) will start to express themselves more through creativity, or will style become toned-down going forward?

AB: This pandemic is also reflected in the style decisions that young people are making and how they express themselves through the clothes they wear, the hairstyles they go for and the beauty and grooming decisions that they make.

Uppermost is the desire to be seen as both responsible and conscious when it comes to matters of consumption and the waste that this potentially results in. I think we are going to see a stronger expression of individuality.

Cultivated: I see the new collection is inspired by the past and revolutionary times. What does your initial process of inspiration look like, and can you tell me a bit about the actions you take to make collections a reality?

AB: I have been very fortunate to have traveled a lot to many different places and am constantly taking pictures of things that inspire me, so when it comes to creating a new collection, I empty out my phone and start putting a mood board together a bit like a puzzle. Most often I see a reoccurring theme throughout my inspiration pictures and then I will develop that one theme that feels relevant for the current time and start exploring more in a focused way. I always make 3 mood boards, the first one is always about the general vibe, it includes pictures of clothes, objects, hair etc.

The second mood board is a hair board. This board serves as my inspiration for hair, textures, colors and graphic lines.

The third mood board is my photography board. This board showcases lighting, and model poses. I continue to develop this board with the photographer that is going to shoot the collection. Then a week before the shoot I will do a casting and then the hair prep starts , making pieces, coloring hair right up until the day before the shoot.

Cultivated: What advice would you give to young people just starting out in the industry? 

AB: Follow your dream and work hard, never say no to anything, say yes to every opportunity and run with it.

Cultivated: What are your go-to Aveda products?

AB: I have so many but for photo shoots I love, Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, Shampure Dry Shampoo, Heat Relief, Phomollient, Texture Tonic and Nutriplenish multi-use hair oil.

Cultivated: Can you provide any quarantine tips on extending color, keeping hair shiny and healthy, and avoiding split ends? 


For a root cover up I suggest to brush eye shadow in the same color as your preferred hair color on your roots. This will see you through for another couple of weeks.

There is a great video on Aveda’s Instagram about this tip. To keep your hair healthy and shiny, now is the time to nurture your hair, stop or go easy using hot tools on your hair and opt for weekly hair masks, like Damage Remedy Intensive restructuring treatment or Damage Remedy Split End Repair.


  1. Marielle Tredway says

    Hi, I am allergic to all color products, I am looking to color my hair but am afraid I will go to the hospital again with a swollen scalp,
    can you recommend a product that is safe??

    • We recommend speaking with a board-certified dermatologist. They can help you figure out what it is you are allergic to and recommend a gentler product.

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