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Cultivated Beauty: Best Face Cleansers For All Skin Types

Cleansers are very personal and very essential. When we try a new one, we either love them or hate them. Our featured list of four tried-and-true face cleansers ensures that we have all your skincare concerns covered. They are gentle, foamy and some go the extra mile to exfoliate. Our beauty editors swear by these, and a new face cleanser is just what your spring face needs.

Normal, Combination & Sensitive Skin

Kat Burki Calming Gel Cleanser

Kat Burki Skincare has been making our top skincare list since 2011. From packaging, to ingredient potency, this brand continues to strive for excellence. The trick to picking a good face cleanser is finding one that won’t dehydrate your skin. The KB5™ Calming Gel Cleanser protects your skin by retaining much-needed moisture, while removing makeup and other impurities. This is the most invigorating cleanser for a morning wake up call. It smells fresh, almost like cucumbers, and brightens the skin.

Normal, Combination & Oily

Dr. Barbara Sturm Enzyme Cleanser

Youthful looking skin requires exfoliation and Dr. Sturm’s Enzyme Cleanser is the gentlest exfoliator we’ve ever used. Dr. Barbara Sturm’s skincare line reflects the doctor’s philosophy on beauty – enhancing what’s already there for a natural look, and doing it through non-invasive treatments. This cleanser is worth the extra money because it is a two-in-one product (cleanser + exfoliator) and seems to last forever. The product is a powder, which turns into a gentle foam. Use it once or twice a week for baby soft skin and a really deep clean.

All Skin Types

The Organic Skin Co. Holy Basil Cleanser

What can be more refreshing than a creamy cleanser smelling of basil and citrus? The Organic Skin Co.’s Clean Slate Holy Basil Cleanser is natural, contains organic ingredients and works on all skin types. The soothing texture and ingredients borrowed from mother nature help with dryness, irritation and acne prone skin. It works well on removing makeup at night, and helps promote elasticity with vitamin C. Let’s just say that it checks all the boxes.

Hormonal or Acne Prone Skin

Knours. Your Only Cleanser

Knours. is more than skincare, they are a wellness brand on a mission to deal with your hormonal skin (at any age). Your Only Cleanser leaves your skin sparkling and squeaky clean and deals with unwanted break outs without leaving you dry. The 2-in-1 cleanser is a unique oil-to-foam formula that dissolves makeup, nourishes, and hydrates the skin. If your skin health suffers due to a hormonal cycle, this brand surely has your back. Being EWG Verified is also a big plus.

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