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Skin Therapy: 10 Best Hydrating Lotions, Creams, Balms & Salves For Soft Hands

Hand Creams We are Reaching For Right Now/Grace Kelly by Mark Shaw

There is no argument that proper hand washing has been on everyone’s minds and lips, however all that washing may effect the health of our skin in the process. Skin is our largest organ and provides vital protection, but only when it is well taken care of. In addition to protection, the skin on your hands is thinnest, and it is one of the first places to show signs of aging.

Did you know that Grace Kelly was adamant about consistent hand cream application? She believed that keeping her hands young and healthy was important, and she was right. We made it our mission to find non-drying hand sanitizers and hydrating hand creams. For further help with skin health, especially for the hands, we sought advice from Dr. Alpa Patel.

How can we protect the skin on our hands from the constant washing and cleaning (especially if you have dry skin)? 

  1. Use lukewarm water versus hot water. Hot water will dry the skin out faster.
  2. Use a moisturizing hand washing soap that incorporates ingredients such as glycerin or aloe vera so it does not dry out your skin as much.  Usually liquid soaps are less drying than bar soaps.
  3. Use a hand moisturizer immediately after every hand wash and before bed to soothe the skin and protect the skin’s natural barrier function.
  4. When possible, substitute hand sanitizer for hand washing. When you have to use hand sanitizer make sure you don’t have open wounds or cuts on your skin.
  5. Blot dry rather than rubbing the skin and always use a clean dry towel that is used only by you. Washed it daily or use a clean disposable paper towel.
Heathmade Sandalwood & Vanilla Lotion Stick

There is only way to describe Heathmade’s Sandalwood + Vanilla Lotion Bar – deliciously scented butter. If you need help nourishing your hands and lifting your spirits, Heathmade Los Angeles Lotion Bars were made for you. The product practically melts into your skin, and the scent is very cheerful. We think lotions bars are easy to take with you on the go, you’ll never wonder whether you’re running low, application is easy and sanitary, and these bars are extra hydrating. Need more convincing? This wellness brand was started by a four year old.

Avène Cold Cream

Avène Cold Cream contains Avène’s staple ingredient, thermal spring water, and glycerin. The combination of the two ensures your hands receive long last hydration. This cream is a classic, known to have effects beyond 5 hand washes, so there is no need for constant re-application. If your skin is already dry and irritated, this is the best cream to soothe them. When it comes to calming the skin and repairing any damage, Avène always comes through.

I AM Organic Body Balm

The same says it all. I AM Organic Cocoa & Coconut Body Balm smells like a snack, and can be used in a multitude of ways. We like to keep it on our night table for last minute hydration or as a makeup remover. Sleep is when your body and skin regenerates – this is the time to give this vitamin-rich balm a try. The Founder of I AM Organic wanted to create products for people with sensitive skin and for the entire family to use. So you can believe that this multi-tasker does it all: pampers your cuticles, soothes eczema and gets rid of any dry skin. Let the texture warm up under your fingers and it melts like butter.

Gloves In a Bottle Shielding Lotion

If you’re a parent, you’re already used to constant hand washing and sanitizing. Gloves In a Bottle Shielding Lotion receives nothing but positive reviews from parents, and that makes it the most ideal product for now. We love the light texture and its ability to work as a skin repair treatment. This lotion creates a protective layer, preventing loss of oil or moisture and improving the ability of our epidermis to protect the inner skin cell layers. You can use it on your hands, face and feet. It is especially helpful for those suffering from eczema or psoriasis. To learn more about the different layers of your skin, read our story on Understanding How Your Skin Works.

Aveda Hand relief cream

Aveda’s Hand Relief cream is a classic. If you’re already an Aveda fan, you know that Aveda is one of the first brands to start pushing for better environmental practices in the beauty industry. If that’s not enough, Aveda relied on nature for ingredients since the very beginning, always leaving out the toxic stuff. This product is 95% naturally derived, using Andiroba oil, meadowfoam seed oil, sunflower and other plant hydrators to get your skin soft and smooth. Keep it around for a daily dose of moisture.

MyChelle Deep Repair Cream

MyChelle Deep Repair Cream is a glass jar of goodness. Hydrate is highlighted, and that’s exactly what it does. We have been big fans of MyChelle products for years, and they just keep getting better. For those looking to keep their hands hydrated, and young, this is the ideal cream for you. The anti-aging antioxidants (Kombuchka Tea, polyphenols and Vitamin B) in this cream help reduce first signs of aging. Use it on your face, neck, elbows and of course, your hands.

Weleda Soothing Hand Cream

Besides looking pretty, this hand cream is one of-a-kind. Weleda Soothing Almond Hand Cream is for those with very sensitive skin. If your skin is prone to irritation and tightness, let this skin food brand calm it right down. The gentle care that this Almond Hand Cream provides is the result of almond oil and other nutrient-rich ingredients. Weleda’s standards are high – the almond is fair-trade, the product is vegan, and certified natural by NATRUE standards.

Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream

Burt’s Bees has a few hand creams that caught our eye, but this tub of rich rejuvenation was the winner. The sweet smelling cream has been around for years, but when in need, you can always trust Burt’s Bees to deliver. It is 99% natural and the main ingredients are sweet almond oil and Vitamin E (both for hydration), and beeswax to condition the skin. Keep this Almond & Milk Hand Cream near your bed to soothe hands, elbows, feet and knees.

Alba Multi-Purpose Jelly

The texture and feel of a classic jelly product can feel comforting, but unfortunately most come with the ingredient petroleum. Since we are skincare nerds, finding Alba’s Un-Petroleum Multi-Purpose Jelly was an exciting moment. Aloe Vera and this Jelly are our personal medicine cabinet staples for a skincare emergency. Its uses seem endless. This product can help you soothe skin irritation, rashes, chaffing, dryness and even fix makeup mishaps.

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