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Important & Useful Ways To Educate Yourself, Listen & Support the Black Community

Our world view is shaped by our environment, but we don’t have to remain within its bubble. Education is key. Let’s put some work into becoming better, more empathetic, and open minded people. If you feel like you have no idea how to feel, or what to think, then stop, and listen. This feels like what is hopefully a revolutionary time, one that will allow the black community be heard. It is time for change, the time has been long time coming. The beauty of life is that we can change and evolve. If you feel as if you have been living in ignorance of what the black community has endured, not just now, but for decades – this is what you can do. Amplify black voices and listen to their experiences, support black businesses, read educational books with different view points, get the facts and statistics of what goes on in your community, and provide a helping hand to the disenfranchised. The work will not be done in a day, but taking that first step will be important. Your soul is waiting.

Misty Copeland by Gregg Delman

Books To Read On Your Way To Education & Understanding

Misty Copeland is the first African-American principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre, an institution that has been around for over 75 years. She represents the desperately needed diversity in American Ballet. Misty Copeland by Gregg Delaman displays photography to demonstrate the beauty of a ballet dancer’s body, but more importantly, it pays tribute to Misty Copeland’s talent and strength. It is an inspirational book, one that is worthy of purchasing for any aspiring ballerina.

To start your learning, pick a book by Robin Diangelo. White Fragility explains the complexities of racism, and urges us to never stop learning. As a white immigrant from a formerly communist country, that is predominantly white, I find that I have even more to learn about the dilemma of racism in America.

Riffs and Relations by Adrienne L. Childs

African American artists of twentieth and twenty-first centuries immerse themselves in the typical European Modernist Tradition, and claim their own space within this specific community. They engage and study the Modernist aesthetic and symbolism through engagement, critique, annihilation and immersion. Riffs and Relations makes you think, but above all, enjoy art from a different point of view.

For pointers on how to have a constructive discussion on race, pick up So you want to talk about race, by Ijeoma Oluo. This New York Times Bestseller helps us examine our own thoughts towards racial issues. It is one of the most helpful guides on what type of language to use when responding to racism.

Hanahana Beauty

Discover Beauty Brands Founded By Black Entrepreneurs

As beauty editors and beauty lovers, we are always excited to explore new brands. This should not be business as usual for the beauty industry. It is time to fight lack of diversity, lack of exposure and mentorship, and glossed over bullying and racism. If you know of a brand we should highlight, please send us suggestions.

Loving Culture

Pear Nova


Naturalicious Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System


“The heart of Naturalicious, from day 1, has always been to be of service to our community.

Economic empowerment, financial literacy and generational wealth building is the one of the only things that will enact real long term change. When the powers that be have their income directly affected, that’s when things start to change.

Everyone, black people and allies, cannot afford to support black businesses only now, but they must be deliberate and intentional about patronizing them frequently and ongoingly in order to make change permanent.” – Gwen Jimmere, Founder of Naturalicious

Beneath Your Mask

Epara Skincare

Luv Scrub

Carol’s Daughter


Hanahana Beauty


OrganiGrowHairCo Whipped Leave In Conditioning Cream


Kay Cola, CEO and Founder of OrganiGrow – “This isnโ€™t a trend for OrganiGrow, we live this. OrganiGrow is 70% African-American 30% Latin employed. Itโ€™s owned by a black woman and our chemist is a black man. We are always active in the community and always have been from day one.”

We believe that economic freedom is important for everyone. Now is the time to support our small black on businesses and give a space to diversify opportunity and wealth in America, as well as equal justice and rights.

UnSun Cosmetics

Dehiya Beauty

Range Beauty

Epara Hydrating Serum

Epara Skincare

Anita Grant

Marsha P. Johnson, an activist, self-identified drag queen, performer, and survivor

Donate To Or Get Involved With These Organizations

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

Marsha P. Johnson Institute

The Okra Project

Henry Street Settlement

Black Lives Matter

Color Of Change

We have teamed up with Rizzoli in order to give away these two books: Misty Copeland by Gregg Delman and Riffs and Relations by Adrienne L. Childs. Follow us on Instagram to win. The giveaway ends Friday, June 12.

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