Face Sauna: Time-Honored Beauty & Wellness Remedy

The Soak Club Collection Face Steam Medley, coming August 2020

We just cannot stop talking about the face sauna, aka: face steaming, and for a good reason. According to the International Spa Association, spa-goers are slowly trickling back to spas, but mostly for massages. Facials still seem like too much of a risk. If you feel like a facial is long overdue, there is an easy way to clean out your pores at home. While this is in no way going to be as effective as a 4-10 step brightening or anti-aging in-office facial, it will do the trick for pore purging. Trust us, it’s easy and very relaxing. All you need is a face steam medley, a hot pot of water, and a clay mask.

Face steaming is an old wellness practice shared by many cultures? The first time I encountered the face sauna was when I was just a little girl living in Slovakia. My sisters and I all caught a cold and in order to provide relief, my mother boiled a large pot of water and filled it with dry chamomile flowers. We huddled under a warm blanket steaming our faces and giggling in the process. The scent of chamomile was pleasing and still remains to be one of my favorite scents. Even as a child I could tell that it allowed me to breathe easier and helped clear up my sinuses.

Today, I remember this cold remedy fondly. As a sinus headache sufferer and at-home facial enthusiast, I use it often. Every time I steam my face, it brings back memories of my mother brewing and handling herbs with ease. If you plan on embracing face steaming, don’t be afraid to look silly. Be in the moment and enjoy practicing this classic remedy in silence, and inhale deeply.

Face Steaming 101 

Step 1. Get fresh, quality and herbs that serve a specific purpose. If you are not sure where to purchase them, or how to do a proper mix, you can easily purchase a face steam medley from a number of brands.

Our very own shop, The Soak Club, sells a medley that includes an herbal mixture of German chamomile, calendula, fenugreek and rose. Chamomile ingredient is calming, helps with sinus issues and colds. Calendula has anti-bacterial properties and helps aid dry skin. Fenugreek clears and brighten the skin. Rose helps soothe redness, has antioxidant benefits, heals and reduces oil productions. All of The Soak Club ingredients are sourced from the same places where chefs shop. This ensures the highest quality and freshness.

Step 2. Set up a place, such as your kitchen counter or table, where you can hover over the water comfortably and safely while you inhale the relaxing steam mixture. This is where you will place your pot or bowl. Make sure it you are placing it on a heat-proof surface (such as a wooden cutting board).

Step 3. For a single person, boil water in a medium pot. Yes, you can make this an activity for more than one person. (If you prefer, transfer your boiled water to a large ceramic mixing boil instead of using a pot, however this step is unnecessary.) Once the water boils, drop in your herbs and you are ready to steam. Allow it to steep for a moment. Be careful when handling the pot, always grab it with a towel.

Step 4. Cover your head with a blanket and immerse your freshly cleansed face in the steam. Make sure to not get too close to the water. Simply inhale and exhale with ease. Keep covered so you can get all the benefits and the steam does not escape. Do this for 10 minutes. Your pores will open up, gettin all the benefits of steaming and the herbal mixture. There are many skin benefits that can result from a facial steam: increased circulation, rejuvenation, hydration, clear skin and of course that much-desired skin glow. Any congestion should be eased with this at-home treatment as well.

Step 5. Take things a step further with a clay mask. Clay masks are known for their purifying, pore cleansing and softening benefits. A good clay mask will draw out any dirt or impurities, allowing your skin to breathe.

Step 6. Close up your pores with splashes of cold water. Remember to moisturize afterwards, or use a nourishing facial oil.  

The Soak Club is a shop associated with Cultivated Magazine. Any purchases will help contribute to making our content free for all readers.

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