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Summer Essentials: How To Take a Cold Plunge In Style And Beat The Heat This Summer

Bath Bean For a More Comfortable Bath

When travel and events are no longer on the table, creating fun summer memories can be a challenge.

No matter how you chose to celebrate the longer hours of summer, do it with the right tools in hand.

Cold Plunge

Don’t have access to a pool? On a particular hot day, cool down with a cold bath. Yes, a cold bath is a real way to bring the temperature down, improve circulation, relieve depression, and improve deep breathing. If you are afraid to take the plunge, cold showers are a great way to help you ease into a cold bath. When it’s truly hot and humid, you likely won’t mind getting in. Limit your time until you cool down, physically and mentally. The trick to tolerating a cold shower or bath is to take deep breaths, with slow exhales.

Special Product Tip: As bath soak aficionados (with our own shop, The Soak Club, to open soon) we are forever on the look out for bath accessories. We recently tried the Bath Bean, and honestly, where has this product been all our lives? Slipping in the bath makes for an uncomfortable experience, the bath bean solves that, and more. The suction at the bottom of the bath bean keeps you in place and reclined. This means your hands are free to do other things, and wait for don’t have to get your hair wet.

Setting yourself up with a blowup pool in your very own back yard is no problem, but if you live in the city, space is always a dilemma. Have access to your rooftop and a nice landlord? Get creative with inflatable accessories. Kiddie pools are, well for kids, so set yourself up in style.

Mylle inflatable pool in green

Special Product Tip: We recently stumbled upon these stylish inflatable pools by Mylle. In fact, they are so chic, most styles are sold out. Their classic is still available, and the brand will restock mid-august. Investing for next summer or a particularly hot September is still well worth it.


Flying is too risky, but the road is calling. Taking a short road trip, or a weekend getaway to the beach requires that you bring the essentials. If you are lucky enough to have a car, or the ability to rent a car, make no excuses. This is the perfect time to get out there and appreciate nature. Hiking, camping, renting a beach house, and becoming one with America’s landscapes is a great way to spend your summer and practice social distancing. Now, what to pack? Finding the right, do it all, bag, is very essential.

Special Product Tip: The Founder of Go Dash Dot, Hannah Fastov, solved the space problem with her carryall bags. As soon as Hannah graduated from George Washington University and started working in fashion, she realized the need for a bag that lets you go from morning to night with ease. If you’re looking for a sleek backpack or a stylish duffle for a weekend trip, Go Dash Dot has you covered. Our personal favorites are the summer white backpacks, the Easy Denim Tote and the Puffle White Iridescent duffle. You’ll love the endless space, waterproof design, various attachments and ways to use the bags. We just can’t wait to use ours.

wellinsulated heat-proof cosmetics case

Speaking of packing. This one is for all the beauty lovers out there. We know the beach or campsite can be a hot place. We always wondered how to keep the sunscreen cool and our phone from melting. Introducing, wellinsulated. Wellinsulated makes stylish cases and pouches to protect your expensive skincare and electronics, both at home and outdoors. How smart is that? We’re loving the futuristic silver design and appreciate not having to worry about those vulnerable small items, when all we really want to do is have fun.

Au Natural Skinfood Foundation With Sunscreen

This is a must! It can’t be repeated enough, but wear sunscreen. All of your skincare buying and using will be deemed useless if you lay in the sun without proper protection. We even go as far as checking our makeup for SPF protection. When it comes to sunscreens, look for labels like: reef safe, no parabens, no artificial colors or fragrance, go up to 50 spf, and make sure to re-apply when you get out of water.

Special Product Tips: Au Natural Skinfood On The Go Brush On Foundation With Sunscreen is likely to be a fast favorite. Its natural and mineral formula makes it ideal for the summer. The light texture and controlled coverage is perfect for when you have to go outdoors, and especially when you wear a mask. The brush application and stick design makes it easy to use, and throw in the bag for touch-ups. Au Natural Skinfood is an eco and natural New Zealand brand, created by Tracy Ahern – a well-respected serial entrepreneur in the skincare industry. This product is a keeper.

We’ve been loving MyChelle sun care for years, and this year it is back with new packaging. The entire line contains 100% Zinc Oxide, which is much-needed to help prevent premature aging. Any product that can help re-establish the skin’s moisture balance should be your best friend. This is our go-to sun care because it never feels greasy, feels hydrating, and we trust the brand ingredients. Did we mention that we’re loving their new re-design.

Cultivated Magazine tips are not medical advice. Always consult with your doctor before practicing any new wellness therapies.

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