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Book Reviews: Your Ultimate Guides To Natural Living, Better Self-Care & Self-Sufficiency

The Women’s Heritage Sourcebook

by Lauren Malloy, Ashley Moore, Emma Rollin Moore & Audria Culaciati

The Women’s Heritage Sourcebook could not have come into our lives at a better time. Whether you recently embraced gardening, tried new recipes, or attempted and succeeded at canning – know that you are not alone in learning to be more self-reliant. Why look into this sourcebook? Firstly, this is more than a book. It is a guide and a valuable resource that was birthed out of a combined effort between four authors. Secondly, their shared affinity for skills and crafts, that have been around for centuries, has helped create the ultimate guide to homesteading for your every day life. The way the sourcebook displays recipes makes it easy to learn valuable life skills: preserving, making homemade tomato sauce, botanical cocktails, lacto-fermentation, raising chickens, herbalism, DIY beauty and a lot more.

Authors of Women’s Heritage Sourcebook

Share this sourcebook and their recipes with the women and men in your life because you will never regret learning to be more self-sufficient. You will likely cherish this sourcebook so much, you’ll keep it at an arm’s reach and pass it onto younger generations.

The Everyday Ayurveda Guide to Self-Care

by Kate O’Donnel, with photographs by Cara Brostrom

Kate O’Donnel sought healing that was self-reliant and she found it in India. Her journey has led her to finding, and borrowing from Ayurvedic medicine. Since then the author has written three books on the subject. The first two are recipe books, while The Everyday Ayurveda Guide to Self-Care explains the ancient principles of Ayurveda, and how to apply them to our daily routines. If you have ever wondered about the Ayurvedic lifestyle, this detailed how-to guide is a good way to start your journey towards feeling better. The self-care practices you will learn seem quite simple, yet we often fail to realize how powerful ancient remedies can be used help us stay physical and mentally well.

What’s inside? – Understanding how to take care of your body and mind through detailed practices; from self-massage to diet considerations. You will realize that your ailments are treatable in some of the simplest ways. Getting started with some of the most basic practices of Ayurveda will change your morning and night routine for the better. This guide is well worth the purchase for its detailed wisdom alone.

The Cosmic Kitchen Cookbook

Everyday Herbalism and Recipes For Radical Wellness

by Sarah Kate Benjamin & Summer Singletary

The Kosmic Kitchen Cookbook is one of the most exciting cookbooks we’ve seen this year. Since for many, in-person cooking or herbalism classes can’t be an option in 2020, this book is a close second. The authors even provide a further education guide at the end. 2020 truly is the year of learning it yourself. While we are partial to herbalism, this is so much more than just herbs and wellness cooking. This is a guide to healing yourself through food, tuning into the seasons, and nourishing not only you, but your family as well. Whether it is shared by two people or 20, gardening and herbalism often become a community effort. Don’t be afraid to share your newfound wisdom with others. The Cosmic Kitchen Cooking makes a thoughtful gift and holds some seriously delicious recipes: from Poached Figs with Spiced Hawthorn Berry Mulled Wine to Miso Immune Soup Balls.

Authors of The Kosmic Kitchen Cookbook, Sarah Kate Benjamin & Summer Singletary


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