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Sleeping Beauty: Overnight Masks, Serums & Potions For Restored Morning Skin

Round-up of our favorite nighttime skincare & wellness products

The sweetness of slumber is even sweeter when you wake up with soft and radiant looking skin. A healthy sleep hygiene is a beauty secret we often hear about from doctors and skincare experts alike. We all want to look refreshed and restored, but in reality naps and eight hour sleep schedules compete with life and stress. So, let effective products pull their weight in lending a hand in your quest for the best skin of your life. The goal is not perfect skin, but healthy and happy skin.

All you have to do is take good care of your skin before bed, and the rest is taken care of by nature and science. We’d call it magic, but a lot of hard work has gone into these creations. Here is our list of tried-and-true products that are so effective, you see instant morning results.


Commit to better skincare, then reap the results in the morning.

Kypris Moonlight Catalyst, refine & Renew Serum, 1.58 oz

“Some things are best done under the moon and stars.”

This is exfoliation season and we’re excited about Kypris. Kypris Moonlight Catalyst is a gentle exfoliant that can be used as an herbal alternative to your typical retinoid products. The nighttime potion relies on peptides and botanical actives (such as sea algae, pumpkin enzymes and bacillus) in order to get the fountain of youth results you seek: smooth and refined texture, bright complexion, faded dark spots, a lively glow and blemish free skin. As with any exfoliants, consistency is key. When it comes to looking and feeling restored, we often forget how much work can be done by night.

If you don’t know, now you know – Erno Laszlo was Marilyn Monroe’s go-to dermatologist and the beauty icon’s skincare routine was quite elaborate. We’d gladly recommend the entire line, but if you seek nighttime soothing for dry skin, make sure to try the Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask. The weightless formula feels like air, and it works by locking in vital nutrients while you sleep. This is one of the best clinical and classical skincare lines out there, yet they continue to impress and innovate. The sleep mask gets its texture from NASA-inspired memory gel. It is very light and just melts into your complexion. The goal with this product is to replenish lost moisture – we love using it and waking up to baby soft skin.

Cornelia Night Repair Serum

We like to think that we know a thing or two about spa beauty, and Cornelia Skincare is our latest obsession. Cornelia Skincare was created by a New York City spa owner, Ellen Sackoff, so you can count on its effectiveness. When it comes to formulating gentle and powerful skincare, this spa and skincare veteran is committed to delivering all the essentials. The line is quite extensive and we are still in the process of trying it all, but find ourselves using Cornelia’s Night Repair Serum on regular basis. Putting your skin to bed requires extra healing and this serum’s velvety oil texture and lightweight hydration makes us feel protected. If you dream of bringing the spa home, you’ll be addicted to waking up looking radiant. We truly hate to play favorites, but this serum is a winning choice for an effective nighttime routine.

Bluelene Night Plus + Serum

It’s all in the name. Bluelene’s Revolutionary Anti-Aging Serum Complex with Methylene Blue for night is a superhero product. If you find yourself looking around for a wrinkle fighting product with results that can be seen, look no further. This is a powerful nighttime cream and serum in one, combining the brand’s key formula of ingredients: Methylene Blue, Vitamin C and Jojoba Oil. The creator of Bluelene, Dr. Dr. Cao, has shown that the super-antioxidant Methylene Blue works synergistically with Vitamin C in order to deliver innovative anti-aging benefits. We dare you to find a better antioxidant combination on the market. Truthfully, this is a must-have for anyone over 35. The morning results speak for themselves.

This one is for all the insomniacs who have trouble getting their 8 hours. Healist allows you to take control of the quality of your sleep using nature and science. Think of Healist Sleep Drops as a sleep-inducing potion that helps you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up free of that uneasy groggy feeling. Our experience with these Sleep Drops has been a soothing one. The blend is made of the highest quality U.S. organically farmed CBD, combined with active levels of botanical essential oils (lavender, chamomile, lemon balm), and a custom sleep terpene blend (which support your body in promoting a healthy sleep cycle). We appreciate the pleasant and natural taste, and the ability to take matters into our own hands naturally (without having to resort to medication). As a side note: If you do happen to take take medication, we always recommend consulting with your doctor about ingredients.

We don’t all have the patience or time for extensive skincare routines. This is where the SKINESQUE Deep Sleep Overnight Mask comes in. The fun gel texture goes on right after you wash your face and you can either leave it on all night or use it as a 15 minute wash-off mask. Either way, your skin will feel revived, hydrated and look well-rested. The deep hydration and improved skin tone is provided by Cica (Centella Asiatica), Deep Sea Water and Aloe Vera restore and calm your skin, while Niacinamide brightens skin tone and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation. This mask makes it pretty easy to wake up with luminous complexion.

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