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Cannabis Is The Election Winner: Keep Calm and Destress With CBD Products

2020 has been a tense year, and because we are all human here, none of us are immune to stress. The last few days has put a lot more pressure on Americans due to the presidential election and rising cases of Covid-19. When it comes to CBD and cannabis-infused products, we’ve always taken a conservative approach. The regulation of CBD products is not where we’d like it to be, but that doesn’t stop us from trying high-quality and researched brands. The election stress might not be over, but cannabis has been the clear winner. Voters have spoken and made cannabis legal in New Jersey, Montana, Mississippi, Arizona and South Dakota.

Here are a few of our favorite high-quality CBD brands to help you ease into relaxation.

Molly Jones Signature Sampler CBD Gumdrops, 9-pack box

Too Pretty To Eat CBD Gumdrops

For relief from stress, anxiety and even depression eat a yummy gumdrop from Molly Jones. Its a delicious way to calm down. Molly Jones confections come in flavors like Lemon Lavender, Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail, Plum Cardamom and Berry. Relaxing with a sweet treat in hand is the best way we like to enjoy a CBD product, plus these beautifully packaged treats make for a thoughtful gift for a stressed out friend or family member. This brand makes their CBD gumdrops in small batches from natural fruit flavors and Hemp-derived Broad Spectrum (CBD).

Healist Calm Drops Citrus Flavor

The Modern Way To Find Calm

The common misconception about some CBD products is that they will make you foggy or drowsy. Healings Calm Drops prove that you can calm anxiety and stay focused at the same time. These drops use U.S. organically farmed CBD, blended with active levels of organic orange essential oil and a custom calming terpene blend. Healist is more than products, they are a lifestyle brand that guides you on your way towards using CBD the right away. Follow their dosage guide. include it in your wellness routine, and you’re calm in no time.

Natural Pain Reliever

To calm the mind, one must calm the body. Often stress shows up as muscle pain. If you feel the pain in your neck and back, a pain relieving ointment from CBDMEDIC should fix that. CBDMEDIC is part of the Charlotte’s Web family, and they have all your minor pain covered (tight muscles, knots, strains, shoulder pain, arthritis, and even foot and ankle pain). Topical pain relievers are often soothing, not just because of their ingredients, but because you massage them in – a massage plus CBD equals loose and happy.

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