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Heavenly Facial Oils For Every Skin Type

The romance of facial oils has not worn off. In fact, we urge you to anoint yourself with enthusiasm. While we we feel we no longer need to make the case for facial oils (most would agree that they have become a widely accepted skincare hero and a genderless beauty product), some skepticism is understandable. Our best advice? You know your skin better than anyone – Turn your focus on learning to read labels for ingredients, research them, and heed advice from the professionals. With the right oil in hand you can either balance oily skin or boost moisture for dry skin. Best scanario of all, you get the most plump and radiant skin of your life, just like Chrissy Teigen does with Le Prunier Plum Oil. Yes, we’ve tried it, and yes, we love it.

With so many facial oils on the market, it can be quite difficult to find the one that your skin loves the most. Here is what we tried in 2020 and will continue using going into 2021.

For further COMMENTARY ON FACIAL OILS, we went to one of our favorite spa consultants, aesthetician Elizabeth M. Donat.

“The use of facial oils in skincare routines is a polarizing topic. While one side is trying to strip, dry and absorb the oils of the skin the other is happily slathering it on. My advice: there’s an oil for everyone and you shouldn’t fear them – just learn about the ones that are right for you and when you should try one. They key thing to know when choosing an oil is where they rank on the comedogenic scale. This scale determines which oils are likely to clog your skin and which will not. 
Oils are a go-to for dryer, dehydrated, and mature skin types because they replace and replenish what those skin types lack. However, oily, clogged and acneic skin types can benefit from oils too. A non-comedogenic oil like argan, hempseed or sunflower oil will protect and improve the skin’s barrier function without exasperating oily skin conditions.  If you’re feeling like your moisturizer just isn’t giving you enough then maybe it’s time to try an oil that’s right for you.”


With so many facial oils to research and try, we look for untapped ingredients that could be the next big thing – and we found it in Aypa’s Raw Face Oil with Buriti & Maracuja. Aypa’s use of Peruvian ingredients already puts them high on the noteworthy scale. This oil is made an exquisite beauty ritual, one that is infused with the Rose Wood and Palo Santo oil to enhance, plump and revitalize complexion. The blend of unique Peruvian oils is fully loaded with anti-aging vitamins A & C, coming from the Buriti and the Maracuja fruit. Besides protecting your skin all day from UV damage, improving elasticity and firmness, this product is a good regulator of sebum production on oily skin. Apply alone, in combination with your moisturizer, or foundation.

We love Aypa so much we decided to carry it in our shop, The Soak Club.


Trying the Kypris Beauty Elixir 1,000 Roses Beauty Oil confirmed it – we love botanical ingredients. If you suffer from dry winter skin and uneven skin tone, Kypris has a number of products that help diminish the appearance of dryness and even UV overexposure. We love them all, but this beauty elixir comes out on top. The 1,000 Roses moisturizing multi active beauty oil is not to be used with abandon, little goes a long way. The key ingredient, Biodynamic Bulgarian rose oil, moisturizes dry skin, tones uneven texture and soothes your complexion, while the scent opens up our heart-center towards more love. Needless to use, this product is good for your skin, and your soul. Anoint your skin, and don’t be afraid to combine it with other serums, for glowing, rose-petal-soft complexion.

normal to dry SKIN

Laguna Herbals is soon to be in our shop, The Soak Club, so you know we are truly obsessed. We discovered this California based brand while browsing the Indie Beauty Expo a few years back, and their know-how of herbalism, plus healthy skin needs, made quite the impression on us. They are breath of fresh air. Laguna Herbals Renew Face & Eye Oil is the ideal multi-taster for anyone looking to soothe and soften dry skin, or keep up with the glow on a daily basis. If you have well-balanced skin, the addition of this oil will keep your skin happy and supple. Renew contains certified organic oils infused with botanical extracts that provide anti oxidants. It has some of our favorite ingredients for soothing dry skin: Apricot Kernel Oil (very moisturizing), Sunflower oil (regenerates and conditions), Chamomile (calming), Rose (rich in vitamin C), Calendula (healing), Mullen (making the skin soft and silky) and more. Apply a few drops, tapping it gently around yours yes, or mix with your foundation and enjoy the mild scent of geranium.

all skin types (OILY to SENSITIVE SKIN)

CBD has been coming to our rescue in mainstream skincare for the last few years, and the industry is just getting started. Winged Radiance Facial Oil contains 150mg CBD from full spectrum hemp extract, and while it is great for all skin types, we want to dedicate this one to those with oily or sensitive skin. If you worry about using face oils on your already oily skin, or experience redness and flakiness, this is the product for you. The lightweight formula balances your skin’s pH, regulates natural skin oil production, and has a low molecular size (molecular weight), therefore never clogging your pores. What does it all mean? You get the radiance you want without the greasy texture.

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