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10 Best Lip Balms, Scrubs and Masks For Dry and Chapped Lips This Winter

This is no lip service, we genuinely want to protect your lips. Did you know that the skin on our lips is extremely thin compared to the rest of your body? That is because the stratum corneum is much thinner here, making our blood vessels visible and your skin more susceptible to injury. Now you can see why we deem protecting your lips essential. Do this through exfoliation, hydration, nourishing ingredients, and most importantly, SPF. From the affordable, to the pricier options, here are some of our current clean favorites.

Henné Organics Lip Mask

The last step in your nighttime skincare routine should be a lip mask. Since you will not be eating or moving your lips, this luxurious and nourishing mask can really seep in. Using this product is an experience for multiple senses: it has a light sweet citrus scent and glides on with ease. If you care about organic ingredients, Henne is USDA Certified Organic and made in the USA.

Cornelia International Lip Enhancing Complex

Do you ever find yourself admiring your lips after a facial? That is likely because your esthetician finished the treatment by giving your lips a special treatment of their own. Collecting spa lip balms is a hobby and this Cornelia Lip Enhancing Complex is joining the collection. Cornelia uses a powerful-patented peptide complex adding up to 40% more moisture and volume with repeat usage. We like a lip treatment that works overtime.

WELEDA Lip Butter

For really dry lips, reach for this Weleda lip butter. Weleda is known for their super hydrating products and the lip butter is no different. The product comes out as an oil so it will leave your lips looking pretty and shiny. The plant-oil blend contains sunflower seed oil, chamomile and calendula. Plus, we love that we can recycle our empties through their recycling program.

Au Natural Skinfood Treatment for Lips

We highlighted this lip treatment in the past, but the product is so good it is worth repeating. This is genuinely one of the best lip balms, but that is not the real reason we love it. Not only does it fix dry and chapped lips, you don’t have to worry about it getting into your system. The product is so natural the ingredients will not compromise your gut health. Apply freely and with abandon.

Kocostar Lip Mask

For a fun self-care treatment while you work, clean or dance, try the Kocostar Lip Mask. Once the mask is on, it will not fall off, so you can be free to move around. The pouty container contains 20 rose water lip masks, and it is easy to use. Apply the mask, wait ten minutes, and just enjoy the look and feel of your lips. Experience parched lips no more.

Augustinus Bader Lip Balm

Augustinus Bader is popular among socialites and celebrities, but we love it because it is the ideal lip balm for lipstick prep. The product improves the texture of your lips without leaving much residue, making lipstick easier to glide and apply. It additionally helps reduce signs of aging, plumps the lips, and of course, alleviates dryness. If you decide to treat yourself, we highly recommend you do it with Augustinus Bader.

Carmex Lip Balms

Carmex has been the affordable go-to for generations, and it delivers every single time. We love that their sticks come in different flavors, but work just as well as the classic tub option. If you feel your lips are behind repair, head to your local pharmacy and grab yourself a Carmex. The product will restore your lips back to their beautiful glory. Choose from Original, Peppermint, Watermelon Blast or Plum.

Axiology Frosting

Sometimes you just need a lip balm with a bit of frost and shine. You are likely already obsessed with Axiology’s Balmies for their zero-waste packaging, but the ingredients are what makes this product worth the buy. Packed with oils, butters, and antioxidants, the Frosting 3 in 1 Balmie hydrates like a balm, but acts like a highlighter. Axiology brand has been on an environmentally friendly superhero track so this product is 100% guilt-free, and very fun to use.

French Girl Rose Lip Polish

Exfoliation might seem like a lot of work but French Girl makes it easy. Buff away dead skin cells away naturally with their Rose Lip Polish and you’ll be addicted to the rose scent. This product continues to sell out because it polishes and hydrates the lips at the same time. Gentle massage your lips with the product, then remove with a warm washcloth. If you use it while in the shower you won’t have to add the extra step to your skincare routine.

Kjaer Weis Lip Balm Iconic Edition

For those who desire sophistication in their lip balm, Kjaer Weis aims to please. The classic Kjaer Weis packaging is refillable, sleek, and eco-friendly. To use the product, warm it up in your hands, then apply and enjoy nourishing your pout with ultra healing ingredients. Your lips will feel moisturized all day long.

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