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We Launched an At-Home Spa Shop, Join The Soak Club

Soak Club is the brainchild of our Editorial Manager, Paulina Kajankova. The idea for The Soak Club was born out of the necessity to seek out better at-home spa experiences for everyone. From ancient baths to traditional Finnish saunas, our ancestors understood the benefits of spa living. They made it a routine part of their lives – and you should too! Spa living should not be thought of as luxury, but as a fundamental part of our healthy lifestyle. The Soak Club is fueled by the desire to find ways towards better physical, skin and mental health.

Our brands are hand-picked, well-researched, tried-and-true, and clean ingredients are important to us. In addition, we like to seek out brands that explore untapped areas of the world for powerful ingredients. Some of our heroes are herbalists who climb mountains in order to find that one magical herb. It is our belief that spa beauty is the most effective beauty, and that’s why we want you to incorporate it into your beauty and wellness rituals.

Why shop The Soak Club? The Soak Club is so much more than a shop. Think of us as your one-stop-shop for creating a decadent at-home spa experience, plus learn something new about the world of healing. We simply think you deserve self-compassion and the best of the best. For this reason, the shop seeks to rotate a hand-picked selection of spa beauty and wellness tools within a wide range of prince points, but above all quality. You will never regret investing in your skin or your health.

We love skincare and wellness so much we created our own at-home spa collection. The Soak Club Collection consists of warm and cold pillow compresses, a facial steam medley and hand-poured soy candles. These creations solve your at-home spa needs. All herbal pillows are handmade, hand-dyed, with non-toxic dye, and made to be one-of-a-kind. Soy candles come in minimalist scents to help nudge you on your wellness or spiritual journey. Our Facial Steam Medley is good for at-home facials and your sinus issues. These are the essentials!

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